Thursday, February 02, 2006

Debunking the Myth of Choice

I received this email from a friend last night:

I was called out at 9pm a couple nites ago to talk to a young woman scheduled for an abortion the next day. A good friend (male) of hers went with me. It wasn't far from our home. I prayed with the friends of hers and we went. The mother wouldn't let us talk to her, but we were able to talk to the mother. We weren't allow in the house. Both of us were post abortive. I know the girl could hear us, as I think she was sitting on the couch, right by the door. We were calm, even though the mother was rude and seemed strange to us. We tried to talk to the mom for only about 5 minutes. We left peacefully and sad.

We stood outside on the street, off private property, and prayed for 15 minutes until the mother called the cops on us. Three police cars arrived. We were told not to come on the property again or we'd be arrested, after they took a report from the mother inside. We drove away with a sigh of relief, we had done our job. No arrest and we were a voice for the unborn. Her abortion was scheduled yesterday. I prayed the whole day for Sarah and baby. Soon I'll hear what happened. I wanted so to save the baby and we were so close to talking to Sarah. I thought if I could just talk to her, she would see and hear my pain. I tried.

Sarah's mother is a single mom. She appeared to be around 60. The mother was definitely in control. She was speaking for the girl/young woman. We couldn't tell without speaking to Sarah whether she wanted the abortion. I think with the right counsel, she would have changed her mind. I haven't found anything out yet. Her friends haven't heard from her yet.


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Yes. I haven't heard anything yet...but I'll keep you posted.