Monday, February 06, 2006

Sad Conversation

In the same Seattle PI article mentioned in the post below, there is an intersting conversation between "tensharp" and "Tempus Figitis" over whether or not Project Rachel is helpful. Both women seem to be post-abortive and I would guess tensharp has gone through Project Rachel and Tempus Figitis has not. I'm always surprised that there are so many post-abortive women reading and commenting on articles related to abortion on the internet. I figured that women who don't regret their abortions wouldn't be bothered reliving and defending what they felt they had to do. They've moved on, right?

One part of the post contains a strange conversation/argument between two post-abortive women. Tensharp recommends Project Rachel to post-abortive women, which seems to rub Tempus Figitis the wrong way because "they [Project Rachel] come from an attitude that you have murdered your child". She then seems to imply that post-abortion trauma is hormonal based. Tensharp makes some good counter points and even throws in a bit of humor but then, bam! out of nowhere Tempus Figitis accuses her of being angry, recommending anger management therapy and diversity training, and tells her to, "Please get help". Then there's the back-handed insult of asking for (demanding?) "Tolerance!!!" and saying "Down with the violence!" (The implication being that tensharp is being intolerant and violent.)

The conversation is eerily reminiscent of ones I have with a close friend who is post-abortive, has not been through a healing program and says she does not regret her abortion. The conversation always breaks down because I'm accused of saying things I didn't say, I'm attacked as not being [fill in politically correct virtue de jour] enough, and alas angry and judgmental. Our conversations usually up with me feeling like I've gone down the rabbit hole with Alice.

Posted by tensharp at 1/24/06 4:31 p.m.
Abortion is an industry. Just like Big Tobacco, Big oil, Big government. There is money to be made. Once they get their chunk they're done with you. They care about their bottom line. Period. (No pun intended. Really!) For those that need it, help is out there. Project Rachael is a wonderful opportunity for healing.

#12581Posted by Tempus Figits at 1/24/06 5:08 p.m.Project Rachel is not the path I would recommend for most women. Basically, they come from an attitude that you have murdered your child and are seeking God's forgiveness for that act. If this is the path of healing you wish to choose, they are sincere and wish to help you overcome your guilt you are feeling.That being said, if you are mourning what might have been or depressed due to hormonal imbalances (which is the most common issue) they are not the ones I would recommend turning to.

#12586 Posted by tensharp at 1/24/06 5:25 p.m.
Project Rachael seeks nobody out. They receive those that choose to walk through the door. Those that come have had abortions last week, last month, two decades ago. Kind of hard to blame it all on hormones, but that is usually the male response to everything. It's convenient for them I guess. If fact they call it menopause because well, men pause while they think of something. (a little Maxine humor there) Like it or not reasonable women realize they are ending a life and it is with sadness. They saw the beating heart maybe even heard it. Many were mislead "It's just a tissue" and now with the advancement of medicine, they know better. I think its sad that you trivialize what they go through for your own political agenda. God forbid a pro-abortionist can admit women have been hurt by this procedure.

#12589Posted by tensharp at 1/24/06 5:40 p.m.
ONE MORE THING....Project Rachael isn't out there on picket lines, screaming at the women, bringing little kids to protest, financing lobbyists. They're on the front lines helping women through a difficult time. If more people put their time and money towards the problems rather than complaining about how wrong everyone else is and how right they are....ahhhhh utopia.

#12599Posted by Tempus Figits at 1/24/06 7:02 p.m.
Gee tensharp, you look like you need some anger management therapy. I'm sure our good government has some options available to you. Please get help. You need some diversity training as well, it sounds like. Tolerance, my friend. Tolerance!!! Down with the violence!I suggest you reread my statement on Project Rachael and tell me where I denigrated them. I called them sincere and a viable path of healing if you are feeling like you murdered your baby after having an abortion. That is the sector they are supporting. As far as admitting that women have been hurt, I don't recall anyone saying that its something people celebrate about. If you would actually read what people write rather than judging people you have never met with the only consideration that they disagree with your fanatical stance. Not everyone shares your religious vision and I guarantee you that yours is not the one true path.On second thought, forget my saying you need to follow your own advice. I would suggest meditating on Jesus' words of 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' Otherwise, when you stand before the Allmighty in judgement, Jesus just may claim not to know you.

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