Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Abortion Supporters Lead State GOP Group and "Conservative" Judicial PAC

There are two groups in Washington now, both run by "adamantly pro-choice" Alex Hays, that voters in Washington need to be aware of: The Washington Mainstream Republicans and the Constitutional Law PAC. The leadership of both these organizations are perennial advocates and supporters of legal abortion and have shown an unwillingness to promote pro-life candidates or push pro-life legislation. However, they do hope to gather pro-life votes and funds. They hope to do this by convincing pro-lifers and conservatives that they really don't like abortion and that sadly there is nothing they can do about abortion law in the state. According to them we should all do the polite, rational and sensible thing and leave abortion out of debates over our elected officials. Here's Alex Hays, Executive Director of the Constitutional Law PAC, on David Postman's blog of July 14th.

Regarding NARAL:
Abortion is not an issue for state courts. It is entirely a federal court issue. (Oh, really?) No abortion rights cases have come before Washington's courts in over a generation. (That would be because there has been no legislation.) Further if Owens, Alexander, or any other candiate (sic) has disccused (sic) even their personal beleifs (sic) about abortion they've violated an ethics rule prohibitting (sic) that. Therefor (sic) it should be imposible (sic) to say who is "pro-choice" or "pro-life".

On a personal note I'm the Executive Director of the Constitutional Law PAC and I am adamantly pro-choice. (Thanks for letting us know, Alex.) To my knowledge every member of the board of the Constitutional Law PAC is pro-choice. (Also good to know. The board includes former senator Slade Gorton.)

No reasonable basis exists for injecting abortion into a debate about state judicial elections...and I hope we can keep it that way. (Why? You've managed to insert the debate over property rights so why not abortion?) The Washington State Constitution contains the strong protections for privacy rights -- an important fact I learned from Justice Jim Johnson.
Posted by Alex Hays at
05:07 PM, Jun 14, 2006

His whole statement makes me sick to my stomach. "Abortion is not an issue for the state courts." Who is he trying to kid? Ask New Hampshire. Ask Missouri. Ask Mississippi if abortion isn't an issue for state courts and state legislatures. Ask a dozen other states for that matter.

Is Alex Hays trying to tell us that the Washington State constitution allows for abortion-on-demand and that no matter who we elect or what laws we pass we are stuck with the current level of political and financial support for abortion? Alex Hays says abortion isn't an issue for the state courts because Alex Hays doesn't want it to be an issue for the state courts. He and his cohorts at CLPAC simply do not want any laws passed that would restrict abortion.

Here's more from Alex regarding his judicial candidates:

The PAC's Hays said Groen and Johnson aren't "outside the mainstream because they have a perfect deference to the law and the constitution." He called Johnson "very much a centrist" and Groen "a passionate defender of freedom."
Hays said the group's main focus is for judges to have a conservative stance on things like property rights and water rights.

"All the various parts of the constitution that liberals like are pretty well protected, but the part of the constitution that conservatives like have suffered in recent years," Hays said. "I want to create a balance there. We really want property rights to have the same enthusiasm in the court as free speech does."

Speaking of groups that don't want any laws passed that would restrict abortion, Alex Hays is also the Executive Director of the Washington Mainstream Republicans. Check out the names listed as members. The majority of the board members of WMR were either involved in legalizing abortion in Washington and/or currently believe in continued "access to legal abortion." You can listen to them talk all about it here at their latest conference. Even so-called conservative KVI talk show host Brian Suits comes out showing his support for abortion by using the laughable phrase "access to legal abortion." It's the same old story -- Nobody likes abortion but they love having it legal.

Here is their asinine and pathetic statement of principle on life:

We value life and seek to protect it - We should not attempt to legislate a definition of life.

We won't define what life is, that way we are off the hook when it comes to protecting it. How convenient. What's their opinion of our murder laws? It's an absolutely disgusting statement and anybody associated with this group should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

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