Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lies Repeated, Lies Believed

In one of the most educated and wealthiest regions of the country, maybe the world, we get this guest opinion in the Seattle PI.

Maybe Alan Thein Durning would like to talk to Holly Patterson's or Christin Gilbert's dad to find out what they think about Roe. He could also talk to the parents of these teenagers.

Naw. It's easier to repeat the lies that have worked for 35 years. Here's just a sample:

"And they'll (women) remain fertile until menopause in their early 50s." (Unless they are left infertile after years of birth control use, abortion, or STD(s).)

"Overturning Roe would not prevent these abortions from happening." (Damned if we do, damned if we don't. And don't let the facts get in the way.)

"It would also delay those abortions by a few weeks, somewhat increasing the minuscule health risks of legal abortion." (Repeat after me: legal abortion is safe, legal abortion is safe, legal abortion is safe...)

"The day after Roe, the red-blue U.S. election map would begin turning into a hazard map for low-income women." (Hello? Have you done your research? Poor women are the most victimized by legal abortion.)

"In deep red states, reproductive rights would become a class system. Daughters of fortunate families would go to blue states to get abortions. Daughters of unfortunate families would risk abortions from clandestine providers close to home, or order the abortion pill from shady Internet operators, or attempt to induce abortions themselves, as did thousands before Roe." (You don't know shady until you've been to a legal abortion mill.)

"Unwanted births bring more infant deaths, more abuse and neglect, more school failure, more foster care and juvenile courts and more mothers who blame themselves." (And what would you call the current problem of infant deaths, abuse and neglect, school failure, foster care and juvenile courts and mothers who blame themselves? I'd call it "legal abortion".)

Probably the saddest and cruelest line in the whole editorial is this:
"It (overturning Roe) would deny them the sense they live in a country that stands up for all women. It would rob them of another reason to believe that as Americans, we're not just a collection of workers and consumers who happen to share a currency, we're a nation. We're all in this life together."

I would wager a guess that a woman whose had an abortion probably feels the most betrayed by this country -- a country that failed to stand up for her and her child when they needed us most. The ideal of a working democracy that under normal circumstances would have reigned in embarrassed parents, selfish boyfriends/husbands, and opportunistic abortionists, was abandoned and we said instead, "You're in this life alone". A nation that once relied on churches and the community to help the lost souls of this world turned to the government as god, deciding right and wrong, judging and condemning, and suddenly "personal responsibility" and "individual rights" sprang up as the heretofore unstated founding ideals of our nation. Today these phrases are repeated mantra like by those seeking elected office in an effort to soothe our guilty conscience and rob us of hope. Women have gotten the message loud and clear as evidenced by the 50 million abortions since 1973. Ideology and the lies listed above conspired to turn the truth on its head in the name of progress. Roe does not stand up for any women. It stands up for those working against every women. It is at its core anti-woman.

Abortion indeed tells a woman that she is just a worker, a consumer, a cog in the wheel and there is no room for her and her baby. The country needs her out there buying all the things Planned Parenthood and America's industries have to sell us in our vanity; all the things they want us to buy that babies seem to get in the way of. Is it any wonder that the biggest contributors to Planned Parenthood are some of America's biggest industries. All the while she must keep working-working-working so that she can pay-pay-pay.


Anonymous said...

"We're all in this life together"

ah - no - you are killing up to 3,000 innocent human beings a day. You got to live - what about them? Talk about prejudice!

Christina Dunigan said...

I literally want to slap people who assume that they're doing me some sort of favor by promoting abortion on my behalf. Thanks for calling me an ignorant, worthless slut! Thanks for assuming I'm incapable of either loving or caring for a child, that the only use I have is as a sex toy. Thanks for dehumanizing me.

I understand that some women aren't insulted by the belief that what they want more than anything else is strange men shoving things into their private parts, but don't lump me in with them.

What kind of woman does this writer know, and why does he assume that we're all in lock-step?

Mary E. said...

I agree with you two. The author works for some population control group so he's already half-way there. I suppose he thinks if it's good enough for a poor woman in Peru, it's good enough for his 12 year old daughter.