Thursday, June 22, 2006

McGavick Gains Pro-Abortion PAC Endorsement

The pro-abortion "It's My Party Too" PAC has endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mike McGavick.

Their strategic partners include:
Planned Parenthood Republicans for Choice
Republicans for Choice
Republican Majority for Choice
The WISH List (Jennifer Dunn is an Advisory Board member.)

Christie Todd Whitman, founder of IMP-PAC, held a fundraiser for McGavick in May of this year.

Looks more and more like McGavick would be another Olympia Snowe or Lincoln Chafeee or Lisa Murkowski.

Hat Tip: The Reagan Wing


Christina Dunigan said...

Has anybody else noticed that abortion advocates have a penchant for creating organizations so that they'll have lots of groups signing onto and sponsoring various things? "Six hundred groups support this bill!" Yeah -- Left Handed Lesbians for Reproductive Rights, Vodka Martini Drinkers for Choice, Republican Golfers for Women's Health Care, Sorority Sisters for Choice, Coalition of Dog-Hair Yarn Spinners for Planned Parenthood, etc.... I doubt that half of those groups have more than a dozen members, and every member probably belongs to a dozen of the groups.

Anonymous said...

Oh grannygrump - you are funny!!!

Mr McGavick will NOT get my vote - I think I will write in Grannygrump!

Mary E. said...

Yes, it's the same old tired faces.

Christina Dunigan said...

Alas, auntie, I'm not a Washington denizen..... ;)