Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chocolate to Kill For

It's another March and time for Washington's abortion lobby to put on the top hat and cane for 2007's "Chocolates for Choice" event. And another opportunity to try and sugar coat the ugliness of abortion.

The list of judges and other Seattle "celebrities" looks absolutely boring. The usual suspects -- Greg Nickels, Darcy Burner, Ron Sims -- will be in attendance. David “Goldy” Goldstein of some pro-abortion blog will be a judge. I wonder if the boys at Sound Politics are sad they weren't invited to "rub elbows" with the "celebrity judges" at this evening of mirth and laughter over the killing of unborn children.

Proving there's no accounting for taste Tony Ventrella, former Seattle area sportscaster and now motivational speaker for Positive Energy Productions, will also be in attendance. Here's one of Tony's 7 Keys to Happiness:

Acts of kindness change the lives of the giver, the receiver and the observer.

In the context of the Chocolates for Choice event Tony might want to adjust his empty little phrase to something more appropriate and meaningful for his cohorts at NARAL to something like this: Acts of violence change the lives of the Perpetrator, the Victim, and the Observer, aka the "Tragic Triangle" of abortion. The abortionist, in collusion with the parent(s), is the perpetrator, the child is the victim, and the observers are all the rest of us. I wonder where Tony sees himself fitting into this triangle.

Remind me not to eat at the Herbfarm or Salty's on Alki. And there really is a sponsor of this event called "Chocolate 2 Die 4".

Please see the list of sponsors and donors so you know where NOT to shop.


Michelle McIntyre said...

How Decadent! "Chocoalate as far as the eye can see." And during Lent too.

Anonymous said...

Ah man...if I thought I could stomach the event, I would go - perhaps next year - one pro-death gathering for me a year is all I can do!!!

So, what say you, Mary? Shall we go? I think I will call and ask for a scholarship because I have already had my abortion and I sure would love to speak to this decadent crowd!

Mary E. said...

Oh Aunti Lee you are a rabble rouser.

Anonymous said...

Although I (somewhat ignorantly, I suppose) thought the Culture of Death, a collaboration of theatrical proportion produced and directed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, couldn't get much worse or more sick, here we have an extravagant, social gathering - a celebration of abortion complete with gourmet chocolate competition and consumption.

The names of a couple of the participating organizations fit the event's theme perfectly...for instance:
>>"Salty's on Alki" - are not some fetal deaths induced by an interuterine infusion of saline solution??? How dysfunctionally gut-wrenchingly perfect to the occasion.

When I linked from Mary Emmanual's blog to Naral Washington's website, I found a link on the left hand side to a Seattle P-I story (dated 2/17/07 regarding the closure of the Longview Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Clinic. The report said the clinic had been open for business only every Thursday. Reason cited for the closure was cuts in federal medicaid. Huh? Am I missing something here? Since when does PP depend significantly upon federal medicaid funds? Even with alledged cuts in federal medicaid, this clinic was only open one day out of seven. Considering the combined elements of Planned Parenthood's stratospheric (& skyrocketing) wealth, their huge budget for abortion procedures and their mission to provide "services" to women, it seems ever so strange to me that PP wouldn't kick in their own funds to keep the clinic open for that one day a week. Could it be, INSTEAD, that the clinic closed because of effective and peaceful pro-life demonstrations on sidewalks outside the clinic and others like it and, in addition, that requests for abortions are dwindling for this as well as for other reasons?

Me thinks the aroma of chocolate is overcome by the smell of a rat...maybe two rats, maybe more.