Friday, December 14, 2007

$50 Abortions Coming to Washington?

This article on the Reagan Wing alerted me to what socialized medicine means for the abortion industry. In Massachusetts in means $50 abortions. Is there any doubt that this wouldn't be the case here in our own state?

Socialized Medicine would be a great boon to Planned Parentood and the rest of the institutionalized abortion apparatus. As the cost of an abortion has remained steady over 35 years and the numbers of clinics have decreased the abortion industry faces a financial crisis. With socialized medicine these problems would be solved and Planned Parenthood would become as fixed a part of our governement and society as the Post Office.

Mark Crutcher has an excellent anaysis of the situation the abortion industry faces and why socialized medicine is the cure for what that ailes them.

As he says,

They [abortion industry] are relying on socialized medicine to solve their current financial problems by converting every $350 private-pay abortion into a $3000 government-pay abortion. The icing on the cake is that, since the customers will be offered these abortions for “free,” the abortion rate is guaranteed to skyrocket.

Even if they don't get it at the national level, the pressure is on at the state level to pass some form of socalized medicine. Here in Washington they've taken a piecemeal approach with a plea for "children's health" insurance coming as the first piece. Of course, "children" includes pregnant teenagers.

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