Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Perfectly Legal

Yes, it is pornographic. Yes, it is in your local library. And yes it is probably in your elementary school library.

No, it is critical health education for kids. No you can't remove it from the library. And no you can't remove it from your elementary school library.

It's been banned from our state prisons, which makes me wonder, maybe are prisons are safer places for children than our local libraries!

Welcome to Washington state!


Anonymous said...

Indeed! One has to ask oneself: What's wrong with this picture?

When it comes to the abortion lobby, our courts and legislature have made the abortion agenda sacrosanct - untouchable even by reason, commonsense, or the welfare of children.

Mary E. said...

Sad but true. We are living in times where the strongest dominate and the weakest suffer.