Friday, December 07, 2007

Moms and Babies Need Your Help this Christmas

[Please consider the following plea I received today in my in-box. These CPCs receive no help from the state as the bureaucrats, experts, and politicians have decided abortion is the best solution to an unexpected pregnancy. Please help if you can.]

Hi friends,
I'm passing along a request from someone I know who runs a pregnancy aid center in Marysville. Her name is Toyka Williams and she is the director of the pregnancy aid center, Embracing Life in Marysville WA.

The address of the center is 1523 10th St. Suite B in Marysville and their phone number is 360-659-3540. Their hours are Monday 9 am to 4:30,Tuesday 9 am to 2:30 and Thursday 9 am to 2:30. She is in desperate need of donations of diapers, they are completely out except for new born and size 1, but all sizes over 1 they are out of. They are also in need of clothes for boys 6 to 9 months and girls 3 and up.

Please pass this onto anybody that lives in or near Marysville that would want to help. I'm sure that cash donations would be greatly appreciated as well. If anybody has an in with somebody at St. Mary's in Marysville (or anylocal Marysville churches) maybe you could forward this e-mail to them to see if they could put it in their bulletin. What a nice opportunityfor people in Marysville to help out their local pregnancy center this Christmas season.

I'm also aware that Pregnancy Aid in Everett (425-252-6444) is in great need of volunteers so if you know of anyone who is looking for an opportunity to volunteer a few hours a month please give Nadine a call at Pregnancy Aid in Everett. Their hours are T, W, and Th. 9:30 to1:30.) Both centers are doing wonderful work helping moms and their babies, please keep them in your prayers.

Thanks and God bless!!


Anonymous said...

Many times the volunteers who go to the Pregnancy Aid centers are asked to go through a religious test and that is off putting, so as a result, the centers are down in volunteers. If a volunteer can stomach the religous litmus test then they are asked to ask the clients if the client has a personal relationship with Jesus when all the client wants is to be helped with their pregnancy or material goods for the children.

Just saying and also using St. Francis idea "preach the gospel always and when necessary, use words"

I think that if the PRC's would take a lesson from this great saint they would have more people working with them and for them instead of being turned off by the uber religiousity of their organizations.

Just saying . . .

Michelle McIntyre said...


I think you mean Pregnancy Resource Center, not Pregnancy Aid, which has not such "litmus test".

Anonymous said...

I have volunteered at Pregnancy Aid in Everett. There was no such test. In fact, I had a job to do 2 minutes after walking in the door.

Anonymous said...

It is a god's blessing to know there are people who are out there to reach the needy. You should contact to get your blog featured to their large mom community. I am sure their would be many moms who would love to help this worthy cause.