Friday, February 08, 2008

Don Downing Continues to Push Plan B

This from a January 2008 Oregon NARAL email:

Emergency Contraception Access Update

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon had our seventh pharmacist training on November 15, 2007 in Salem. More than 50 pharmacists attended the course, which was facilitated by Donald Downing, professor of pharmacy at the University of Washington. His presentation covered the details of what emergency contraception (EC) is, why EC is necessary, and how the medication works from a clinical perspective. More than 350 pharmacists have now taken part in these EC trainings since the beginning of 2007. The EC training module we created is being replicated in Washington and North Carolina. We are proud of this training program and look forward to providing more trainings in the future.

Don Downing continues his work, lining his pockets with money from the abortion industry, claiming all the while that he's helping to reduce the abortion rate.

For more on Don Downing see here.

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chimakuni said...

Talk to my cousin's daughter who had 'emergency contraception' after being molested by a 'friend' of the family...

She is now trying to find some balance in her life after 30 some odd years .... yeah - helping women . . . r-i-g-h-t.