Friday, February 15, 2008

WSPA Response to NARAL’s 2008 Emergency Contraception Access Project Report

Just to bring everybody up to speed, you can read here, here and here about the latest in the Plan B/denial of First Amendment Rights to pharmacists.

Now the Washington State Pharmacy Association has issued a statement in response to NARAL's "survey".

Quite frankly, NARAL and Barr Labs wouldn't have gotten as far as they have in pushing Plan B in this state and stiffling the First Amendment Rights of our pharmacists if the WSPA hadn't gotten into bed with them in the first place. So yes, I have a beef with the WSPA though I appreciate their statement slamming NARAL. WSPA was stupid if they thought they could partner with NARAL (these people are in the baby killing business, folks) to push an immoral and unhealthy drug (it's not medicine) in this state and not have people get hurt.

The WSPA should not be "committed to increasing patient access to emergency contraception" and should be fighting tooth and nail against NARAL’s claim that Plan B is somehow the equivalent of a blood transfusion.

Adding insult to injury, the WSPA continues to promote the idea that this drug is helping to prevent abortions. What poppycock!

In regard to this particular "survey", it is irrelevant if the "lack of access" is 10% or 100% -- people shouldn't be forced to do anything against their will or that violates their conscience. The so-called law the Board of Pharmacy passed essentially makes moral thoughts and actions a crime. Is that the kind of country you want to live in?

So thank you WSPA for standing up to the abortion lobby but please take it to the next step and cease your unholy alliance with an industry that is hurting women, men, children, and families.

Here's the full statement from WSPA:

The Washington State Pharmacy Association is appalled by the sloppy data collection process and inaccurate conclusions about pharmacists reached in NARAL’s 2008 Emergency Contraception Access Project Report.

The data NARAL released is littered with errors, out-of-date information and inaccuracies, including:
· The report marked about 30 pharmacy locations two different colored flags, indicating that they both stock Plan B and do not stock Plan B.
· Some pharmacies listed are out-of- business or have changed ownership.
· Since the report was released, some pharmacies’ flags have changed color.
· Many pharmacies listed as not stocking Plan B have not had any patient demand for the medication but would stock it if their patients asked for it.
· Some pharmacies were assumed to be an access risk because they employ a pharmacist who refuses to dispense it. But these pharmacies staff multiple pharmacists per shift to ensure their patients receive their medications.
· We have confirmed many pharmacies that were reported as not stocking Plan B actually do so.

WSPA is committed to increasing patient access to emergency contraception and does not dispute NARAL’s claim that women should be able to access their medications. If NARAL wanted to help patients gain access, they would work with healthcare providers to identify and promote opportunities to access emergency contraception. Instead NARAL has chosen to broadcast inaccurate survey results which erroneously paints a picture of an access crisis that simply does not exist.

NARAL’s recent survey results are an assault on the credibility of hundreds of Washington’s pharmacists. NARAL’s irresponsible accusations erode the patient-pharmacist relationship that is an integral part of the healthcare system. Any disruption of this relationship puts patients at risk. If even one patient hesitates to seek care from a pharmacy because of these false reports, NARAL has done great harm.

Jeff Rochon, Pharm.D.
Director of Professional Development
Washington State Pharmacy Association

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chimakuni said...

When I saw the King 5 Television report (Feb. 13, 2008) with two women speaking so pitifully about having to ask for this "medicine" and the pharmacist not "helping" them, I could not help but think ... WHAT IS MEDICINE????

How does this medicine help support life? Oh ... I get it! It does not! It makes your life, in the instant, better, but believe me in the long run, it only makes you a mother of a dead child.

And to think! Only 8 % of the pharmacies that the people contacted did not carry this deadly medication - only EIGHT PER CENT!

Why NARAL is not happy with a 92 % showing is beyond me...oh that's right, I forget - they are all about demanding that we cave into what they want especially if it kills life.

Okay - I am off my rant now!