Friday, February 01, 2008

King County...NOT

King County and the Seattle area have always prided themselves on their civil rights record. They recntly rebranded the county as Martin Luther King, Jr. County, rather than William Rufus DeVane King (1786-1853), the Vice President-elect for whom the county was named in 1852, as if to flaunt their support for the cause for which MLK fought.

As anyone who has followed local politics here knows, the King County politicians, even the Aftican American ones could care less about the helpless, voiceless black children who are slaughtered in the County almost every day of the year. Individual abortionists and the abortion lobby are part of the local elite and dictate that a favorable attitude toward abortion must be advanced by anyone seeking and holding public office. I've never heard a public complaint from any public official that Planned Parenthood is too focused on minority neighborhoods.

Local pro-lifer Djana Milton lays it all out --

What is the value of a baby's life in 2007 America? As far as the NAACP is concerned, it is apparently not worth much. Each of us has a question that we must examine on our own, that being, "How much am I willing to not spend, in order to increase the value of life and advance it's cause?" However personal such an answer may be, this I know: Burke was right. Evil does prevail when good men do nothing.

At this time of year, it is difficult not to recall that recent, yet momentous struggle for black civil rights and the man who helped re-awaken America to its promise of justice for all. Dr. King once remarked, "We have waited more than 340 years for our constitutional and God-given rights."

It has now been 380 years. Some still wait.

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