Monday, March 09, 2009

Boycott List

UPDATE: Seattle Coffee Works has agreed to no longer support NARAL!
(We've removed our post commenting on their relationship with NARAL.)

You can read more about what happened here.

Thank you Seattle Coffee Works!!

For some time now we've wanted to start a Washington state boycott list for all the companies and organizations in the state that support abortion.

At the top if the list is Rick Steves the travel author and his Europe Through the Back Door series of books and videos. If you've ever heard any of his shows on Europe you get the feeling he really, really hates the Catholic Church. And, surprise, surprise he's also on the Honorary Council of NARAL Washington. Funny how those two things always go together. (How about sending any books and videos of his you might have back to him with a vow to never watch his PBS show or buy any of his products ever again.)

Consider this the start of the list. We'll add names as we get them and tag them under Boycott.


chimakuni said...

United Way - J Jill - those are two more...that directly or indirectly fund planned deathhood.

Starbucks probably does too.

Rick Steves? Never could get behind him - so don't have any of his merchandise - YAHOO!!!

DK said...

Well done, Mary. This can't be very good coffee, if it doesn't cause them to wake-up and smell the coffee. What miserable marketing of death.

Anonymous said...

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