Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spokane Falls Community College Claims Pro-life Speech Against Washington Law; McKenna's Office to Defend College

Not to be believed, but yes, SFCC "threatened Beth Sheeran and members of a Christian student group with disciplinary measures, including expulsion, if they chose to hold a pro-life event on campus to share information with other students because the message was 'discriminatory' and did not include a pro-abortion viewpoint."

Read the whole story from the ADF who is representing the students in their law suit against SFCC.

Here's the offending flyer the pro-life students wanted posted in a display case.

What these pro-life students went through, not only with the school administration but with their faculty advisory is outrageous.

Not only were they told that their "pro-life display was 'offensive' and 'discriminatory,' they were also required to also present the opposite point of view during the event.

But here's another whopper, "Defendant McKenzie (Director of Student Funded Programs at the College) also told SFCF’s (Spokane Falls Christian Fellowship) president that Washington is a “pro-choice” state, so SFCF could not use state money for “non-pro-choice” speech events.

And it gets worse, Ms. Kurtz, a professor of English at the College and SFCF faculty advisor, told Ms. Sheeran and SFCF members that the pro-life event violated state law according to Wash. Admin. Code § 132Q-30-242. (Verified Complaint of Plaintiff: pp 10-11) She capped that information off with a lovely, “You don’t want to be expelled, do you?”

How did this woman get selected as faculty advisor to a pro-life group?!

According to the student newspaper The Communicator, the CCS (Community Colleges of Spokane) will be represented by Wash. State Attorney General's Office representative, Jerry Cartwright. Yep. That would be Rob "I will defend a woman's right to choose at every opportunity" McKenna's office.

A preliminary hearing has been set for April 29 at 3:00 p.m. at the Federal District Courthouse in Spokane. Sheeran will have the opportunity to present her case at the hearing.

I think I know some pro-lifers who are going to be paying a visit to SFCC in the near future.


Carol Marie said...

Wow Mary, thanks for sharing. I'm also blogging on our 40 Days for Life experience in Reno Tahoe. Check it out through our official website,

It's going to get crazy here in the US in the next 4+ years, isn't it?

chimakuni said...

I think that the students should show the pro-abortion photos of aborted babies - yes THOSE photos. That would be truth and that would show the other side.

I wonder if they have considered that tactic?

Ron said...


I am probably going to replicate/quote this item about SFCC on the Sound POlitics main page; I have to read deeper first. I will down play or omit AG MCKenna's role. I will link to your post on our public blog, but not your blog. (I found my way to it.)

If you have any objection put it in a comment for any of my postings at SP (I get an email for each). Or in my post once it is up.

Ron Hebron

Mary E. said...

Hi Ron!
Alright. I don't know why you wouldn't link to us but can understand why you might decide to down play the Rob McKenna aspect.

Ron said...

I put it up - almost verbatim - around 10 pm. About linking: I left it as you put it on the public blog. Last summer I caused a friend to be confronted by violent people when I disclosed her name on SP. She was already being confronted - physically - but I increased it. So I am being cautious. Yes, this is different...

Anonymous said...

THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS!! Sorry for my mispelling... first off the fist amendment freedom of speech... second I am sick of colleges becoming so libral that a conservative, christian, college students like myself are finding more and more often a harder time fitting in, especially when it comes to the Christian faith... It pains me and kills to know that this will only get worse... I just wish there was some way Christian Youth and young adults can have a space where we can get together and talk about such issues... I am finding it even harder now days to find other students who share the same belief's as I do... I have been having a hard time finding bible study groups and when I ask the college I am usually looked down against... honestly and please if you do agree say so... we need to protect the younger American Christian nation... just myself alone... my faith everyday is being tested... without fellow followers by my side I know I will lose my walk with the Lord

Mary E. said...

Hi Carol Marie --
Thanks for visiting! Great work down in Reno - Tahoe.

Anonymous said...

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