Monday, October 26, 2009

North Seattle Late-Term 'Killing Field' Run by Dr. Charlie Browne

You might think that with Planned Parenthood having opened up almost a dozen abortion clinics in Western Washington in the last 10 years, the blood lust of the abortionist 'community' would have been sated.

But at the beginning of January, 2008, late-term Seattle abortionist Dr. Charlie M. Browne seems to have decided to stop sharing his abortion profits with clinic overlords and opened up his own shop in North Seattle, an area that has been free of a free-standing, high-volume abortion clinic for more than a decade.

Dr. Browne used to be the Medical Director for Cedar River Clinics, the largest local chain of late-term abortion clinics. Cedar River does abortions up to "viability", currently deemed to be 24 weeks, just like his new clinic. His work there was reportedly 40 hours a week (according to IRS records obtained by AIW) and earned him more then $200,000 a year, and dates at least back to 2005.

Along with Cedar River's Renton location, Browne's new clinic is now just the second in the whole state that publicly advertises the fact that they do grisly 24-week abortions.

Many of these late-term dismemberings require the use of anesthesia (for the mother; babies are never given anesthesia before they are killed). That probably explains why he took one of the Cedar River anesthetists, Douglas Raber, with him as co-owner of his new abortion business.

Dr. Browne, who is in his mid-30s, is also listed as working at Seattle Medical & Wellness Clinic (SMWC), a sunny name for a downtown abortion clinic located in a highrise office tower. SMWC, founded, owned and operated by Dr. Eileen Gibbons, does abortions up to 19 weeks of an unborn baby's life. It's not clear whether he has stopped doing abortions for Dr. Gibbons.

Browne's new business is called All Women's Health North, and is located near Northgate Mall, in the North Seattle Professional Center. This location is 'conveniently' situated next to the Northgate Transit Center.

“The news is distressing to the extreme,” said Rev. Michael Kelly, a Presbyterian pastor who lives blocks away from the clinic. Rev. Kelly added: “In the 1800s some people asserted their 'right' to consume the life and labor of another human being. Now some assert their 'right' to destroy one. It’s the same moral tragedy, lived out in 'procedure rooms' instead of plantations.”

What Do The Neighbors Say?
The building that houses Dr. Browne's new facility is run by Morris PiHa Real Estate Services, which is managed by Dean Altaras and Jay Azose. We spoke to Mr. Altaras (pictured right) and asked him if he knew he was the landlord of a late-term abortion clinic.

He seemed to indicate that he was aware of what went on at that facility, but said that he wasn't comfortable talking about his relationship with his clients.

Browne's website promotes the clinic as being “free of protestors”, which is apparently true for the time being. One wonders if the other tenants in the building, Seattle Otolaryngology and Seattle Prostate Cancer Center, are aware that they are sharing their building with an abortion clinic. They will no doubt find out out if pro-life witnesses turn up.

Monica Oberlin is the Seattle Coordinator for the 40 Days for Life Campaign, which is currently organizing 24/7 prayer vigils outside local abortion clinics, trying to help women "in the frantic state of mind a woman experiences with an unexpected pregnancy" not to make a mistake they'll regret for the rest of their life. She admitted to AIW that there were no organized pro-life witnesses outside Browne's clinic right now, but suggested that this could easily change in the near future.

She also challenged Browne's landlords.

“I would ask them if they really are comfortable with having this business on their property,” she said. She challenged them "to go inside and watch one of these 'pregnancy terminations' that are happening on a daily basis in their building.”

“They are willfully choosing to support the violent ending of a child's life by providing the place in which to do it,” added Ms. Oberlin.

She noted that other abortionist landlords have terminated their leases with the baby killing businesses once they realized what they were part of.

“If you could save some babies' lives by causing the abortionists to suspend their practice to look for a new building, right there, that's not as many deaths on your hands.”

Interestingly, another local, full-time, late-term abortionist, Deborah Oyer, complained a few years ago that she wasn't able to find a landlord willing to lease her an abortion clinic in that same complex.
Right off the bat I identified a great space in a medical building in the Northgate area. I informed them of the nature of my practice. The owner and I agreed on the price and terms of the lease. Right before signing, the questions began. "How many abortions do you perform in a year?" "How much of your practice is abortion related?" The building owner withdrew his offer.

Space in a nearby building was available. After agreeing to general terms with the owner, questions and comments arose. "How long have you served on the board of the National Abortion Federation?" "I see that you lecture on abortion at UW Medical School." "Your Web site shows you provide information for women considering abortion." ... This building owner, too, withdrew the lease.

This scene played out again and again. Owners typically wanted to meet with me to discuss their concerns. "How often have there been protesters at your clinic?" "Can you assure me there won't be any demonstrations near my premises?" Three more rejections ensued. Most of these spaces remain unoccupied today.
All Women's Health North shares a website with two other abortion clinics, one in Tacoma, Washington, and the other in Chicago, Illinois. Both these clinics are owned and operated by a radical abortionist, Dr. Mandy Gittler. They all go by the “All Women's Health” moniker, though the site admits that there is no formal business relationship between them. In fact, All Women's Health North is actually incorporated as ABBR Enterprises.

Linked to University of Washington

Most Americans are shocked and disgusted at late-term abortions. A 2003 Gallup Poll showed 68% believe abortion should be illegal in the second trimester. But there appears to be no abortion too extreme for the University of Washington Medical School. Their Family Medicine specialty at the conducts abortion training for residents at Browne's clinic. The website, which describes Browne as an “excellent provider and teacher of termination”, indicates that residents will be busy all-day Saturday.

“Expect to work through lunch,” it adds.

According to a web profile that is presumably self-authored, like so many other local abortionists, Browne learned to kill unborn babies at the University of Washington.

“'Teacher of termination' is an accurate and chilling euphemism,” Dan Kennedy, president of Human Life of Washington told us in reaction to this news. “When our history is written, future generations will be incredulous at the duplicity of important cultural institutions,” added Mr. Kennedy. “We cannot ignore the fact that today, we are the people that live in the killing fields.”

Browne's Northgate clinic is right across the street from Group Health, where he has privileges, and which has a long local history of support for and practice of abortion. It wouldn't be surprising to most local abortion industry observers if he gets a lot of referral business from Group Health.

It's interesting to read his profile and notice that it doesn't make a single explicit mention of what he has dedicate his life to, abortion. It speaks of “Obstetrics and Gynecology”, “Pelvic/Gynecological surgery”, “Minimally Invasive Surgery”, being "a clinical instructor”, “ambulatory surgical centers”, “a national organization”. But nowhere does he say what he actually does. It is a stunning testimony to the fact that even after 50 million dead babies, everyone, including the abortionists themselves, know how deeply and darkly shameful abortion is.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of Browne's bio is that he indicates he is “a former member of the Advisory Group for Domestic Violence & Child Protection Services.”

Child Protection Services? Is that some sort of twisted abortionist humor?

Making a Killing?
We are still hoping Dr. Browne will agree to an interview with us in the future. We would like to ask him how much money he is now making. Was he jealous back at Cedar River because his colleague Robert Lewis Kothenbeutel was pulling in $340,000 a year while he was making just over $160,000?

For an estimate of how many high-paying, dismemberment abortions Browne might be doing at his new clinic one can look at a 2002 "study" published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine by his Cedar River colleague, Bob Koethenbeutel. Dr. Kothenbeutel reported doing just under 200 Dilation & Evacuation abortions in just a 6 week period at the Renton, Washington, facility.

That comes to about 1,700 over the course of a year. Using the published fee schedule from Dr. Gibbons' clinic, the average price for these kinds of abortions is about $750, or a total of $1.3 million in a year.

Whatever Charlie Browne's new abortion clinic haul comes to, you can be sure it's not Peanuts.

A Little Face May Come Out & Stare Back at You”
While Browne's website claims that their surgical abortions are all done via "vacuum aspiration", the fact is that abortions of unborn babies over 12 weeks must be done via "dilation and evacuation" (D&E). Dr. Anthony Levatino, a doctor who used to perform these kinds of abortions before coming to recognize them as murder, describes the procedure:

“At 20 weeks, [a mother] has been feeling her baby kick for the last two weeks. If you could see her baby, she would be as long as your hand from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump, not counting the legs. ... [I] used a 13-inch instrument for “grasping” inside the uterus to remove the baby, piece by piece.”
By "piece", he explains that he means things like arms, legs, and ribs.
Just like liposuction...?
“I remember reaching in and literally ripping out an arm or a leg and looking at it in the clamp and I got sick. ... The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. If you have a really bad day, like I often did, a little face may come out and stare back at you.”

We have reported on Browne's clinic before. Below we reprint the contents of the web review of All Women's Health North, with the caveat the we have not independently authenticated this report. We can tell you that we did place repeated phone calls to the clinic asking for comment on the article. None of those calls were returned.
I am so sorry if any women have to go here for an abortion. My girlfriend and I are very sorry too. Sure, the waiting room was ok, but everyone who worked there had no idea what they were doing. The lady answering the phone did not even know the number to the office; and the doctor, I would be suprised if he was a doctor. (I only hope the stuff they use was cleaned properly!) My girlfriend told me that the doctor wasnt very gentle either (she is standing over my shoulder while I write this) and that he said "just relax girl, its just like liposuction then you will be back to beautiful." Why would a professional say that to her? Is this a joke to him? Hell, I could spend all night writing about this, and maybe I should, but I have to take care of my girl. My only hope is that if anyone is thinking about an abortion, DO NOT GO HERE!!!


Terra Mork said...

Thank you for reporting and exposing this Jonathan. The brocure for the clinic reads: "The staff at All Women's Health North wants to do everything to make the process a positive experience." The entire business is about deception and false appearances of decency. I hope and pray to have a pro-life witness out there soon!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share my story with you and maybe it will help you understand a little more about the true meaning of abortion. I am twenty three years old. I have been on birth control for seven years so when I found out that I was pregnant I was devastated. Even though I was sad about this I had never ever thought of having an abortion. Over the past months I have grown to love this baby growing in side of me. I am now 22 weeks along. Know that not all of the women that go to this clinic is by choice. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and I was so very excited the love I have for my child is the greatest most powerful love I have ever known or felt. At the ultrasound they gave me bad news. Basically I have amniotic banding most cases are not so severe. This happens in only one in fifteen thousand pregnancies, it is unexplainable. Nothing I did has caused this I kept asking why and the doctor he said I am sorry it just does. Most leads to a slight abnormality. This is not my case. When the doctor came in and told me that my baby never has a chance to live it was the hardest thing I have ever heard. I kept asking are you sure he said there is no possible way your baby can survive. how can god send me to hell for doing this when she will die? nothing can save her. I feel so sad knowing something so beautiful can turn out so wrong. I was so excited to be a mommy. The doctor had given me two options one is to go to all women’s health in Seattle the second option is they will induce my labor. I would have to endure not only knowing that I will never get to hold my child and see her grow up but I would have to go into labor and push out my child. My child is severely disfigured. To me that doesn’t matter I love her with everything I have. But thinking that I would have to endure all that pain just so they take her from me is too hard. This clinic will put me under and take her from me. I do not understand the difference in legal aspects of thinking. I live in Idaho where this is illegal. My child has no chance to survive. How do you people think that what I am doing is wrong can you imagine if something so tragic happened to your loved ones? Do you really think that they should have to go through child birth just so they can take your baby? I am not strong enough. If it wasn’t for this private clinic I would be spending thousands and thousands. My boyfriend and are a good people we are hardworking and caring people. I’m not trying to convince you that all forms of abortion are right but I do believe sometimes they are. When women come in to this clinic as far along as I am it’s not because they want to.if someone gets an abortion this far along it is because the decided to keep their baby and something so bad has happened. To end a pregnancy at this far along it has to be doctor approved not just mother approved. I love my child. If I could die and let her take my place I would gladly do so, some of these women’s babies have already died. How do you think that it is wrong that we go here when they are already dead we are not killing our children. God has already decided that they are too good for this earth and he wants them back. This clinic is helping not only me but my baby she does not have to keep growing in me to never have a chance in life. She is so mangled I wonder if she is in pain. I was so worried that I could not have her body they let us cremate her so I can at least say goodbye. My child has a name she is Lillian Kyla Gilmore and she is so loved and she will be missed. I hope this helps you know that in some cases this place as sad as it is, it’s a blessing that I have a right to end our suffering as painlessly as possible.

Mary E. said...

Dear friend--
Don't give up hope!
I understand you are listening to your doctor and trying to make peace with what they have told you. Aborting your child will rob you of all peace.
We can get you a second opinion from a fetal-maternal specialist. You owe it to yourself and Lillian and your boyfriend.
Please email us privately at: so we can
Respect you and your privacy.
God bless you,

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely disgusted with whoever wrote this article. Just because you are against abortion doesn't mean you need to tear people down. Just as you believe abortion is wrong, he believes it is right and is doing women a service. In 2011, at age 16, I was raped and eventually found out I was pregnant. I visited this clinic and the staff was not only EXTREMELY knowledgeable but outrageously kind. You can imagine I have anxiety about anything nearing the private areas of my body post rape. My doctor was patient with me throughout the entire process and went out of his way to make me feel as comfortable as possible. He even called to follow up with me. Whoever says this man is a heartless, cash-cow is entirely mistaken. They are providing a service just as any other doctor does. Just because you don't agree with abortion does not mean you should put him down or his staff. Let alone try to get him evicted. I do not see how that is considered loving, Christian behavior. You all disgust me. Also, I am hardly an emotional wreck post-abortion. I don't just believe I made the right choice, I know I made the right choice. The next time you want to put people down, do it in the privacy of your own home instead of smearing their name all over the internet.

Mary E. said...

Did you report the rape to police? Was the rapist brought to justice?

Lenore said...

Yes, this website is completely disgusting. Abortion does not kill "a baby". A few cells stuck together is not "a baby". Dr. Browne performs a valuable service every day for women who have been sexually assaulted, given date rape drugs, or have had their contraception fail. Kudos to Dr. Browne for empowering women to do what THEY want to do with their bodies.