Monday, October 12, 2009

United For Life Conference this Weekend in Vancouver, Washington

Please see the web site for full details.

Below is a list of speakers.

Father Scott Daniels has been an advocate for all human life issues since seminary days. He says, “I have become ever more deeply aware of the need for more people of good faith to come forward and dedicate their lives to saving the unborn,” and “I truly believe that priests are especially invaluable to this ministry.” Father Daniels’s experience, including years of working with high school students, will help him reach younger generations and reverse the effects of moral relativism they've received from our culture. He states, “In my discernment, there is no more important issue facing the Church and humanity today than the life issues and promoting the dignity of every human person from conception to natural death.”

Dr. Paul Byrne has testified on life issues before state legislatures and has been a guest on television programs in the U.S., Japan, and England. He is the author of many books and producer of the film Continuum of Life. His articles opposing euthanasia, abortion, and “brain death,” in which vital organs are removed from people not truly dead, have been published in medical journals and law literature. As an associate of the Life Guardian Foundation, Dr. Byrne believes that respect is owed to every human being, regardless of health, from conception until his or her natural end.

Mrs. Kathleen Sawyer. For the past two decades, Kathleen has ministered to hundreds of people at crisis pregnancy centers in Clark County. After the first ten years, she returned to school to become a Washington State registered counselor. For the past twelve years, Kathleen has maintained a professional practice and has addressed many seminars and retreats. She helps both individuals and couples in a wide range of topics, including marriage counseling, abuse, addiction recovery, and depression. A resident of Brush Prairie, WA, Kathleen leads H.E.A.R.T (Healing & Encouragement for Abortion-Related Trauma) groups. She recently authored the book The Day Sad Arrived that was published this past February.

Deleana Dey. In 2006 at a women’s retreat, God brought Deleana to her knees. She heard these words from the guest speaker: “If you have had an abortion in your past and need to talk, I’m here.” Deleana went to her, whispered through tears, and started on a path that brought her to Options 360 Pregnancy Clinic. Deleana volunteered for a year and a half and was asked to become the full-time Development Director. It is her passion that every young woman know truth and every baby have a birthday. As the Development Director at Options 360 Pregnancy Clinic, Deleana speaks at many events throughout Clark County, educating the public about options. Options 360 currently has two locations, in Battle Ground and Orchards, and a third opening November 1 in Vancouver. Deleana will continue to stand for every little life that God creates.

Sponsored by Clark County Right to Life, St. John’s Knights of Columbus, Options 360, Joner Lindberg PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Life Guardian Foundation, and Morelia Mexican Grill. Register at or call (360) 574-1569.

Conference Location: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 8701 NE 119th St., Vancouver, WA

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