Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Botched Everett Abortion Follow-Up Shows Desperate Need to Fix Public Records Loophole that Protects Abortionists

Our readers will remember the chilling 911 audio tape from last year in which the unidentified Everett Planned Parenthood worker made an emergency call to get a 16-year-old patient who had just had an abortion to the hospital because they almost killed her. She was bleeding uncontrollably.

We investigated aggressively to try to find out as much information as we could in order to protect more women from these butchers. We contacted Planned Parenthood and Everett Providence (where she was taken) to find out if this girl went through experience on her own, whether PP almost killed her without her parents ever knowing anything about it. They all refused to answer, even though we had and sought NO personally identifying information. They claimed the girl was in stable condition but refused to provide any evidence that would allow independent verification of that claim.

We also asked PP and the Department of Health for information that would identify the abortionist responsible not just for the murder of this 16 year old's baby (or babies, she could have been carrying twins), and for nearly killing the girl so that future PP clients could know whether they are being operated on by someone with such a record.

Was it Cameron McIntyre, PPWW's long-time medical director? He was once associated with that address. Search engines list two MDs at that address; one is C.D. Steele, but we contacted her and she has been working in another state for a few years. Maybe there is no doctor working there and it's just nurses doing all the abortions? The only other medical personnel associated with that address are Shannon R Zeh, MD, Gayle M Hayden, ARNP, and Theresa E Ranta, ARNP. In Washington, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners are allowed to procure chemical abortions without any doctor present.

A quick search of Washington's licensed health care providers database shows no-one by the name Shannon Zeh, doctor or otherwise. Is this a false identity designed to cover up a record of malpractice? There's simply no way to find out in Washington State.

In the State of Washington, everything is set up to protect Planned Parenthood profits, not women, despite the propaganda from PP that is dutifully regurgitated by the Seattle press.

We finally resorted to getting the abortion complications report for that facility; the report is one of the few pieces of paperwork an abortion clinic is required to file with the state. We got two reports: the report of all abortions done that day, and the complications report.

The former revealed in faceless data the horrific story of death and despair that is one day in the life of Planned Parenthood Everett's abortion production line. There were at least 7 babies murdered that day by the unidentified abortionist(s). Most were there for their first abortion. Shockingly, one woman who was just 25 was actually there for her 8th abortion!!! Clearly abortion was being used as birth control and Planned Parenthood's staff are more than happy to oblige, regardless what they say in public.

Three of the aborting mothers were mothers of live children. Two were 16-year-old girls. The others ranged in age from 20 to 31. Most were local women, from the Everett and Marysville area. One was from Clinton, another from Granite Falls. Most were white. One woman was Asian.

The ages of the babies killed that day, per Planned Parenthood's estimate, ranged from 5 weeks to 11 weeks.

Six had surgical abortions. Just one woman (girl) had a chemical abortion, the one whose baby was 5 weeks.

The 16-year-old who nearly died was the only reported complication that day. The complication report just indicates that she experienced a hemorrhage and was hospitalized.

No further information is available to the public or future would-be clients of Planned Parenthood. There is even state law which prevents the government from releasing information that would identify abortion clinics and abortionists, even in the complications report. You see, everything in this state is carefully designed to protect the abortion industry and maximize their profits. There are no laws that would protect women.

It's time for this to change. We are calling on Olympia to fix this legal travesty and end the war on women. Stop protecting abortionists.


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Indeed, the REAL War on Women.

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