Thursday, March 15, 2012

Democrat Governor Who Forced Morning-After Pill on State Goes to Jail Today

As that part of the country that still registers a moral pulse continues to protest Barack Obama's war on women (and men, and children, and the unborn, and the Constitution...) in the context of the "HHS Mandate" to force all private sector employers to subsidize all forms of contraception, including those that are clearly abortifacient, like the morning after pill and IUDs, one of Obama's fanboys, former colleague, and trailblazer is going to jail today.

And as the state of Washington continues to celebrate the victory in the Stormans case, in which morally decent pharmacies re-secured their God-given right not to have Christine Gregoire force them to take part in murder via dispensing Plan B, it's particularly poignant to note that one of the first governors to do what Gregoire has done is putting on a prison uniform today.

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich may be going to prison for trying to pawn off Barack Obama's former Senate seat for personal gain, but as Gregoire huddles with Rob McKenna to consider appealing the verdict (!) it's worth remembering that "in 2005, [Blago] announced the emergency rule at a press conference, flanked by the heads of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion leaders."

We can't tell you that Governor Christine Gregoire, who similarly colluded with NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion leaders while crafting this state's fascist "Plan B" rule, will be found guilty of crimes that carry prison terms, but it's certainly worth remembering that people drunk on power and with fascistic tendencies who couldn't care less about killing children, or violating the consciences of others are probably devoid of a conscience themselves. And people without a conscience tend to break the law. And some of them get caught. And some of them, even Democrat governors in Democrat states, go to jail.

If that happens, it's Gregoire who will need a "Plan B".

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