Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just in time for Easter: Rob McKenna Asks the Perennial Question

Would it not be expedient that babies be killed so that I may become governor and the whole state shall not perish?

Right after he blames exalts and excites the mob voters, he kisses the innocent babe says life begins at conception, and finally washes his hands of the whole mess by blaming the mob women.

See and hear it here. If you can stand it.

A Catholic American public official circa 2012 AD: Caiaphas, Judas, and Pilate and rolled into one. Nice.


Christine said...

A friend just let me know that we do have another candidate who we can vote for for governor: Looking at the homepage of his website, makes me think that Hadian would be worth voting for.

Judi said...

Hadian for Governor 2012. I have listened to speak at the Republican Women in Clallam County function and was so impressed that I decided to support him 100%. Please try to get a function and hear him you will not be sorry. God Bless America and God Bless Washington State.

Anonymous said...

Well, props to McKenna for having the brain power to recognize the obvious reality that life indeed begins at conception and to be forthright enough to say it. He falls down on the absurdity of then deeming it acceptable for the mother to then solicit someone to take that (baby's) life however.

Would be helpful to see the reporter's followup to the above.

Despite the irreconcilable logic of McKenna on the one hand recognizing that life begins at conception but on the other hand not, therefore, recognizing that the state must thus protect that life from being taken, at least we're getting more to the crux of the flawed thinking re: abortion policy.