Saturday, August 12, 2006

As Pro-Lifers Go to the Polls this Fall...

Here's something to think about:
Only pro-abortion choice, pro-illegal amnesty, gay rights, tax and spend constitutional liberal candidates have an inside track for the support of the GOP pragmatic elite and the big money they have controlled (and squandered) since 1980. Trying to run a conservative candidate through this surrealistic obstacle course is, and has been, hopeless. I’ve been on enough of the conservative teams to know. We are the outsiders in our own Party. It is the Decepti-Cons, that fool the Party faithful about who they are, that run the show.

Which reminds me, why is George Nethercutt (R) who I am constantly told is "pro-life" part of the Advisory Board for the pro-abortion PAC "It's My Party Too"? Is he just practicing the world's second oldest profession or has he perhaps been committed to unsafe, legal, and common abortion all along.

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