Friday, August 18, 2006

Wearing the Seamless Garment Inside Out

I just received the Summer 2006 issue of Samaritan Magazine, an official publication of Catholic Community Services. As I scanned it for any hint of what CCS might be doing to serve the most vulnerable and voiceless among us, I bumped into this line from an interview with Archbishop Brunett.
Many people live with great dichotomy, for example, condemning abortion but supporting capital punishment. (.pdf file, see page 17)
Ahh, yes insult the pro-lifers who understand the Church's teaching on both abortion and capital punishment, and the difference between the taking of innocent human life and the right of the state to exercise the death penalty in a prudent manner. It's too bad the Archbishop didn't mention the real dichotomy: The many Catholics in Western Washington who insist on wearing their seamless garment inside out by condemning capital punishment but supporting abortion.

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