Thursday, August 24, 2006

ECP Certified Pharmacists Relegated to Working Cash Register, Checking ID

Pharmacists who formerly enjoyed "playing doctor" with patients who came in requesting the morning-after-pill, marketed under the name Plan B, can now dispense the drug to any woman 18 years of age and older provided she shows proper ID. No private consultations, no questions about last menstrual periods, no discussion about side-effects or how Plan B works, just Plan B on demand. Whether or not the pharmacy will continue to receive their $15 "consulting" or kick-back fee, depending on your point of view, is yet to be determined.

With the switch to selling Plan B in a manner similar to malt liquor and cigarettes, will the next move be selling Plan B at 7-11?


Anonymous said...

Incredible, isn't it? Maybe we can get the pharmacists to ignore the alcohol and tobacco ages, too? Honest to Pete - one has got to wonder what the FDA is thinking...or, not thinking in this case.


Christina Dunigan said...

They were thinking that the only bad outcome to sex is birth. STDs, an increased cancer risk, possible death, big fat hairy deal, as if anybody could be distressed over that. But for LIFE to result? That, and that alone, would be terrible.