Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mike McGavick Still Trolling for Pro-Life Votes

Below is a messsage from the McGavick campaign that was recently forwarded to me. (I'm trying not be be too hurt that I'm not on their "pro-life" e-mail list.):

Electing Mike McGavick is essential to maintaining control of confirmation of pro-life judges in the next 2 years. Please pass this on to your pro-life friends! This election is essential for the future of our nation and beliefs.

Kathy McDonald
WA Conservative Coalition Coordinator
Mike McGavick for the US Senate

Dear Kathy,
I'm sure you are a nice person but are you kidding? McGavick will vote to confirm almost any nominee that gets through the Judiciary Committee, including another Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Would he vote to confirm a Robert Bork? guess is probably not. Too much pressure from the "mainstream" Republicans back home, his staff, contacts at "It's My Party Too", and his friends at the Seattle PI and The Stranger. Besides, by the time it gets around to a full vote of the Senate the fix is already in and the nominee, 99.9% of the time, flies through the Senate by a wide margin. In this scenario, McGavick's vote is of little consequence. The president is really the gate-keeper when it comes to SCJ nominees. As long as we get a good pro-life president who nominates good pro-life judges we can get the kind of SCJ we want even with a Maria Cantwell in office.

However, how he would vote on other pro-life issues such as the suspension and reviw of RU-486, funding for Planned Parenthood and international population control, bans on fetal farming, cloning, and whatever else the abortion lobby is trying to get for themselves can be of critical importance. These votes are often close and we need to win them to just hang on to the gains the pro-lifers have made in past years. McGavick has refused to tell pro-lifers how he would vote on those issues. He refused to answer the survey from Human Life of Washington. Fortunately we know that he has told the Seattle PI he supports legal abortion.

Mike doesn't share the beliefs of pro-lifers after all now does he? For reasons known only to his heart he supports legal abortion with few if any restrictions.

By the way, may I see a copy of the survey or questionnaire that gained him his endorsement from "It's My Party Too" PAC?

Best Regards,
Mary E.


Jersey McJones said...

I think, personally, and I mean this, the anti-choice crowd is scared to death of the MAP (Plan B - Morning After Pill) because if this medication becomes mainstream and easily available, abortion, as an issue, will cease to exist.

1: The numbers of these “abortions” will become impossible to track (which, ironically, always worked in the anti-choice arguments, as there was no way to show what the numbers were prior to RvW because people kept quiet).

2: The alleged detrimental psychological effects will be negated (women won’t ever know if they were even ever pregnant or not).

3: The stigmatizing of abortion providers, pro-choice politicians, and patients will be gone (no target enemy/victim to unite the anti-choice constituency).

I’m tellin’ ya’ - this will be the end of the issue of abortion.

Good riddance.


Jersey McJones said...
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Mary E. said...

JMJ -- A lot of people think that MAP and RU-486 are "magic bullets" that will end the abortion wars. Actually, Plan B will increase the number of surgical abortions, especially first time abortions. This is a market where the abortion industry is losing a lot of business. As the number of first time abortions goes down so do repeat abortions. They need to create "repeaters". Also, becasue Plan B's effectiveness decreases significantly over time it is actually not very effective so you are not really preventing that many conceptions. The result is that users are given a false sense of security, and keeps them sexually active so that in all liklihood they will eventually land on the abortionist's table. That's part of the reason behind the pressure to get it over the counter and into the hands of teens. As any former teenager can tell you, they are pretty lax about sticking to schedules and "being responsible" and love short-cuts. They are also a big market for the aboriton industry. (And incidentally this is the age where a lot of first time abortions occur.) Plan B is totally marketed to their life-style.
Plan B is really a gateway drug to all the other services most abortionists provive (contraception and abortion).
As for the psychological effects, I think that's definately debatable. What's worse -- knowing or not knowing? For many women the not knowing, especially one who realizes she is infertile perhaps many years later, and might have aborted the one child she conceived, may be worse.
You are right. The Pill does act the same way that Plan B does. Unfortunately many women don't know that because their docs won't or don't tell them.
I agree with you -- I sometimes think people would give up their car before they would give up their contraceptives.
We were told legal abortion would be the end of abortion. Yeah, right.