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Cemetary of the Innocents

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Asking Community to Protect the Defenseless Unborn and
Stand Against Abortion

Thousands of white crosses were erected Saturday, on the grounds of Cedar Park Church and Cedar Park Christian School in Bothell, in memory of the estimated 3,700 babies that are aborted each day in America. (High resolution photo available upon request to

BOTHELL, WA - Thousands of white crosses stretch across fields where just days before youth could be seen playing sports. Christians and pro-life supporters are using the Christian observance of the Annunciation to speak out against the 34-year status quo of legalized abortion that has resulted in the killing of an estimated 3,700 babies every day in America. Saddened by the disposal of precious life and empowered by the belief that humans are created in the image of God, Christians from across the Pacific Northwest are coming together to stand against abortion and promote life.

"Our message to the community is that every life is precious and should be protected," said Dr. Joseph Fuiten, Pastor of Cedar Park Church. "We teach that life begins at conception, not just at birth. We also know that many in our own church and community have had abortions. For those suffering from the effects of abortion, we want to show them that there is forgiveness, hope and healing through Jesus Christ."

In Christianity, "Annunciation" is the celebration of Gabriel's announcement to the Virgin Mary of the conception of Jesus, nine months before Christmas, on March 25. The teaching of Christianity is that Jesus was Jesus from the moment of conception, not just the moment of birth.

Crosses were erected Saturday on the grounds of Cedar Park Church and Cedar Park Christian School in Bothell. Altogether, the display covers about three acres. The crosses will remain up until Monday.

Along with the cross memorial, the church has printed 20,000 copies of "Annunciation: What the natal life of Jesus teaches us about life." A number of churches in the community are distributing the booklets in their services on March 25.
Annunciation Sunday booklets are available for download at or Supplemental Sunday School lesson plans also available at

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