Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Resist. Resist. Resist.

Michelle at Life of the Party has a post on Why Pro-Lifers Should Never Trust a Republican Who Dodges the Abortion Question.

She make four excellent observations about the GOP, that pertain especially to the Washington state GOP:

1. There is a persistent effort by Republicans for Choice and their coalition of friends to make the party impotent on fighting abortion and other attacks on life.
2. Pro-abortion Republican politicians rely on the votes of pro-lifers to get elected, and they don't want you to know their position on life issues.
3. Just because the Democrats attack a Republican for being "anti-choice" doesn't mean he's pro-life.
4. RFC desperately wants pro-choice Republicans to win, to prove their point, that the party needs to drop abortion as an issue.

Below are some of the catch phrases and verbal slights of hands you will continue to hear from GOP politicians who, as Michelle describes in her post, are attempting to garner pro-life votes, will quietly signaling to pro-choice voters that when it comes to abortion it will be business as usual.

"I'm a moderate on abortion." Can you be "moderate" on the Holocaust? Can you be a "moderate" on slavery? Please.

"I'll appoint strict constructionist judges." Right. And I'll always pick the winning lottery numbers. Besides, the Supreme Court is not the be all and end all to abortion and pro-life legislation.

"Roe v. Wade should be overturned." This phrase is music to pro-lifers' ears. However, it's an empty sentiment that is usually followed by a very convincing impersonation of many politicians favorite Bible character. Capitulating, washing hands of the problem, and blaming others, like say the Supreme Court, can be expected of anyone who uses this phrase.

"I don't like labels." Tough.

How to tell where a candidate really stands on abortion? Here's the acid test: Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

If your candidate supports ESCR, or is receiving funding from the biotech industry, he or she isn't pro-life. Any politician who supports ESCR is basically saying they think it is acceptable to breed human beings for medical experimentation and death. Remember, the abortion issue isn't so much about abortion as it is about the right to life for every single human being. It's about how one views the human person and the proper role of the government in the lives of its citizens.

Any candidate who says they are against abortion but in favor of ESCR is either stupid or thinks you are. Don't fall for it.

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