Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is why we call them Pro-abortion

If I said Olympia, or Salem, was Planned Parenthood occupied territory, would you think I was being overly dramatic?

If I said the "will of the people" was a nice idea but basically didn't exist, would you think I was overstating the situation?

If I said the abortion lobby was submitting legislation would you say I was exaggerating?

Think again.

(at the request of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon)


Anonymous said...

introducing legislation on behalf of or at the request of a constituent or organization of constituents is how our system of representative governance runs at the municipal, state and federal level.

maybe you missed this in civics class?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, and would these same people introduce legislation to ban all abortions on behalf of prolife constituents? I doubt it. So why do organizations that advocate child sacrifice, who advocate destroying future taxpayers (the very people who pay the overly bloated salaries of elected officials) get this special treatment from politicians?

Mary E. said...

They had gotten rid of civics classes in the government schools by the time I got into school. Better to let the media and culture teach kids what passes for "civics" these days than teach them the history and truth about our system of government.

I've never seen an agriculture bill "submitted on behalf" of ConAgra or a military spending bill submitted on behalf of Haliburton. If you have please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Gee - all the Crisis Pregnancy Centers advertisements that I have seen have "abortion alternatives" as their heading in the Yellow Pages.

I believe the pro-death group is upset that there are well thinking women who realize that they CAN chose to go and hear the other side - they CAN chose to give birth to the life that is within them, not have that life pulled apart, limb by limb by the pro-abort crowds.

The pro-death people will have my FULL support when THEY are upfront and honest...when THEY say that terminating your pregnancy is the killing of life.

If a woman is given FULL disclosure by the pro-aborts - the risk of cancer, the risk of suicide, the risk of perforated uterus, the risk of infertility, the risk of endrometriosis, and the death of the child she is carrying...THEN they just might have my support, but no, they are liars and deceivers and they do not want full disclosure -

Oh and of course, I would love them to try to operate on the shoestring budget that the crisis pregnancy centers do...

Anonymous said...

the oregon state legislature has an easily searchable database here:

here are links to two of the first bills submitted at the request of organizations or individuals: