Monday, January 24, 2011

Abortion Lobby Gets Desperate; Lies About CPCs While Hiding own Misconduct

In what can only be described as an act of desperation just as the country reels in shock at the discovery of what goes on at unregulated abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the ACLU are now disseminating false information about crisis pregnancy centers in an attempt to convince legislators that they need to "regulate" CPCs.

In a press release issued January 19, this consortium of abortion zealots stated that CPCs:
"put women’s health at risk when they withhold test results and give inaccurate information about pregnancy, reproductive health, or options."
The fact of the matter is that CPCs don't withhold test results or other health information from women. The only time a CPC would do such a thing is in the case of potential fraud, i.e. a woman is attempting to gain access to DSHS benefits by bringing in a sample of another woman's urine. This is something pro-abortion activists have also been known to do to try and trap the CPCs.

It's laughable that that this consortium of abortion cheerleaders would accuse the CPCs of giving "inaccurate information about pregnancy, reproductive health, or options." It would appear to be a case of accusing others of doing what you are most guilty of. A quick visit to this link containing a detailed interview with one abortion client at a Washington State Planned Parenthood will leave you crying out for Representatives Mary Helen Roberts and Tami Green, for example, to pass legislation regulating Planned Parenthood.

But instead they are sitting down with Planned Parenthood coming up with crushing regulations on pro-life pregnancy centers!

Here's just a quick list of some of the other deceptions we've heard from inside the state's abortion clinics and from abortionists themselves:

  • It's not a baby.
  • You've got to have the abortion right away.
  • It's just a blob of tissue.
  • Abortion is safer than childbirth.
  • Contraception is safer than childbirth.
  • No, you can't see the ultrasound.
  • Plan B isn't an abortifacient.
  • Abortion doesn't hurt.
  • Abortion causes no long term negative side effects.
  • Going on contraception will prevent you from coming back for another abortion.

We might also add that women who are crying before, during and after an abortion are in most cases NOT rescheduled or referred to organizations or people that offer services other than abortion. Women who tell the abortionist to stop are instead told to shut-up or "it's too late." Women in tears are ignored.  No other business that we know of, except for maybe prostitution and pornography, ignores the pleas of women to the extent that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry do.

Regarding access to medical records, getting Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities to turn women's health records over isn't exactly a walk in the park from what we've heard. There are frequent reports in the media about medical files thrown out in dumpsters and landfills. We know of at least one woman who was unsuccessful in ever gaining access to her abortion medical file.

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