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Share this Post with your Legislator: Botched abortions, malpractice, and dead women

The recent story about abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia reminded us here at AIW about all the quacks that operate in Washington state. Go read the article just so you are familiar with the horrific conditions inside his "clinic". Unfortunately, stories like Dr. Gosnell's are not uncommon among abortionists even here in Washington.

It's important to note that licensing agencies and others with authority were warned about Gosnell,
The grand jury investigation revealed that, for over two decades, government health and licensing officials had received repeated reports about Gosnell’s dangerous practices. However, no action was ever taken, even after the agencies learned that Mrs. Mongar had died during routine abortions under Gosnell’s care (see related story).
Put your legislator on notice. This post will give them a little window into what's really going on and suggest that instead of the trying to shut down the state's crisis pregnancy centers they go after the real criminals.

We've looked back over our records of first hand accounts from people who have been inside the state's abortion mills. Here's what we have so far:
-- Robert L. Kothenbeutel. Cedar River ClinicsLaw suit brought in 2010 by a woman who claims that, "Dr. Kothenbeutel and Cedar River Clinics were ill equipped to handle Maria Diel's late term termination the termination was negligently performed. Maria Diel lost an excessive amount of blood and was taken from Cedar River Clinics by ambulance to Valley Medical Center where a hysterectomy was performed to save her life." The unborn child was 26 weeks.

-- Abortionist unknown. An abortion clinic somewhere in Seattle. Told woman to lie about age of her unborn child to hide late date from reporting agency. According to the woman who had the abortion, "Two years ago, my husband and I went into an abortion clinic in Seattle, WA. I was 26 weeks pregnant. They told me to sign a form stating that I was only 24 weeks along...I pulled the cloth away from my face and looked over at a table a few feet from me. It took my eyes awhile to adjust, but when they did I was horrified to see my little baby boy lying on that cold table. His tiny legs were moving, and his hands were opening and closing. He made sounds like a baby bird. The nurse turned the table around when she was leaving the room, and I looked right into my sons eyes. They pierced threw me with sadness."

-- Dr. Roy Wood. Abortion clinic somewhere in Bellevue. From former employee of Dr. Wood told us, "... there was one part of the daily "ritual" in the office I could never quite reconcile in my mind with that statement - the "Count and the Amount" celebration at the end of the day. How many?/How much? After all, women were "done and gone", we all met in the reception area for the day's tally. I would always stand back in awe and watch. Piles of cash...always checks accepted. We were doing an average of 50 women two times a week. The price varied according to how far along women were: between $200-$500 a head. At an average of $350, that was $17,500 a day, times two: $35,000 a week for a total of over $140,000/month NOT including the other 3 days/week...and this was 1973!"
And, "My eyes were fixed on the he systematically began to "inventory parts"... body parts... NO!... BABY PARTS!... One perfect little leg...snapped off at the hip... then the other... one perfect little arm...snapped off at the shoulder...then the other... I could not even speak... I almost fainted with what came next! The entire spine...all vertebrae in-tack with the spinal cord and little wire like nerves dangling from both ends... no skin in sight...just bloody parts torn out of the back of this little child!"

-- Dr. Howard Levine, Women's Health Care Center in Seattle. In the 90s at "least nine patients accused him of violations ranging from verbal abuse and refusal to don surgical gloves to perforating the uteruses of several patients who later required emergency surgery—in one case, a lifesaving hysterectomy."

-- Planned Parenthood of Western Washington. Abortionist unknown. Unwanted and unsafe abortion. According to the victim's sister, "My sister was in so much physical and emotional pain. But they were so clinical. They said, ‘We’re going to extract the tissue.' It wasn’t tissue. It was a child! We both sobbed all the way through the procedure. No one really helped us. No one even questioned what my sister really wanted. She just felt she had no other choice...Days later Kelly’s sister was admitted to a local hospital for surgery to repair a perforated uterus."

--Dr. George Kabacy. Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Washington and Planned Parenthood of the Columbia- Willamette in Oregon and Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia. Arrested on child pornography charges. Kabacy was sued twice for patient deaths.

-- Dr. Dr. Charles Flake. Mercer Island. Charged in 2006 with having improper relationships with patients by the Washington state Department of Health (DOH).

-- Dr. Deborah Oyer. Aurora Medical Services in Seattle. "Loves" doing abortions. Seeks to "normalize" abortion. Performs abortions up to 19 weeks. When counselling "pro-life" women about abortion refuses to take any responsibility for her role in the abortion.  "When counseling these “hypocritical” patients, Oyer controls her more visceral reaction by calmly saying to them, “You’ve been against abortion your whole life…how are you going to feel about yourself when you wake up tomorrow and know you have gone against everything you believe in?” Her goal is to make it appear to be all about them: “We start from that point of view…when I really feel like slugging them in the face.”  King County Public Health selected Dr. Oyer out of all the possible physicians in the region to be their on-call specialist for "family planning" consultations. Her latest annual contract goes until the end of 2010, but this is the third year she has been awarded the contract. The value of the contract is a "maximum of $15,000 for the year, @ $125 per hour, not to exceed 120 hours in the year."

-- Dr. Charlie M. Browne. Former Medical Director for Cedar River Clinics. Seattle Medical & Wellness Clinic. Owns clinic in North Seattle. He and Dr. Klothenbutel reported doing just under 200 Dilation & Evacuation abortions in just a 6 week period at the Renton, Washington, facility. One customer reports, he told her, "just relax girl, its just like liposuction then you will be back to beautiful." The boyfriend comments, "Why would a professional say that to her? Is this a joke to him? Hell, I could spend all night writing about this, and maybe I should, but I have to take care of my girl. My only hope is that if anyone is thinking about an abortion, DO NOT GO HERE!!!"

-- Dr. Leslie R. Miller. North Seattle Women's Specialists, Seattle.
Patients can't stand her. While listening to her child's heartbeat Dr. Miller let one woman know she could still get an abortion. Pressured another woman into a c-section. Completely unsympathetic toward a woman who was in the process of miscarrying her baby. As one patient warns, "This lady is a HEAD CASE. STAY AWAY!!!"

Update 2/13/11: Additional Reviews of Dr. Leslie R. Miller

Update 2/13/11 added PP Kennewick below:
-- Amanda Smasne, RN, and others, Kennewick Planned Parenthood: Forced abortion, defiance of an officer of the law, refusal to return minor to custody of father, theft of drugs and drug use by employees.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Most abuses are never reported or make it into the light of day. How many more women have to die or be injured because our legislators refuse to shut these places down or offer real help to women.

Update 2/25/11
--Eileen Gibbons, MD, Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic, Seattle.
Client review: I am writing to comment on the procedure done at this clinic. everything went fine until 6 weeks later, when i began hemmoraging and passing clots as big as a baseball. the emergency room said that the person who did the prcedure left something behind during the abortion, so i plan on filing a lawsuit.

Another client review: I had an awful experience at this clinic. The doctor was rude, the Nurse Practitioner said something very inappropriate to me, and they also billed me for 5 times the amount they said it was going to be. I do not trust the intentions of this clinic nor the competency of its staff.

Update  3/27/12
--Dr. Douglas L. Attig, Tacoma. Tacoma abortionist at Westgate Family Medicine and sometime abortionist at Planned Parenthood.
Despire complaints from several paients, he still operates out of Westgate Family Medicine. In this compaint to the Department of Health's Medical Quality Assurance Commission he is accused of using crude language with a patient. With another patient he is accused of hugging and kissing her, spanking her bare bottom, and ordered her to pull down her pants and bend over the examination table. He was forced to surrender is medical license in Ohio.

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Unknown said...

I agree! Seattle wellness clinic treated us very unprofessional! First by breaking the HIPA act! After performing my daughters abortion they reported it to CPS and then called my MINOR DAUGHTER telling her she had an STD! I took her to her regular doctor and they confirmed she DID NOT have an STD!!! cannot be trusted and testing is either inaccurate, or they are dishonest! I do not suggest this clinic if you are looking for confidentiality or accuracy. YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR I WILL BE CONTACTING AN ATTORNEY AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!