Thursday, January 27, 2011

Group Health Touts Own Abortion Clinic to Attract Residents

If anyone still thinks that abortion is an isolated, never discussed part of mainstream medical practices, all they need to do is a little research to discover that abortion is part and parcel of the establishment medical system.

Group Health is just one example. They are very proud of the abortions they do and don't try to hide it.

Here in the Program Highlights from Family Medicine Residency program with learn about the "Group Health Abortion Clinic" where, "...all residents participate in an opt-out rotation at Planned Parenthood and a small private clinic to train in counseling, early dating ultrasounds, medical and surgical abortions. Additional training is available in the Group Health abortion clinic and at other sites for those interested in additional experience."

We have heard from one woman who had an abortion at Group Health and, though she asked us not to reveal any details about it, we can say that it was an unwanted abortion and it was a horrific experience. We also have been informed that their "Abortion Clinic" in downtown Seattle is actually a ward on the 6th floor complete with bullet proof glass.

They also tout their Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic. Parents, do yourself and your kids a favor, keep your kids away from any such clinic. Sadly we suspect it is poor and minority teens that these programs most take advantage of because they are overly trusting of the medical establishment, have fewer resources, and don't know the extent that those mixed up with abortion and "family planning" push those treatments on the unsuspecting.

One other thing parents need to know -- never leave your child alone with a health care provider. That includes doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, etc. (And social workers.) Unless he or she specifically supports a pro-life approach to medicine they will attempt to "help" your child access contraceptives, abortion, and drug treatment programs behind your back. We will continue to be exposing examples of that in the Pacific Northwest shortly.

In fact, they can refuse to tell you anything they discuss with your child. We saw this recently with the in-school "health" clinics embedded in our state's public schools that are referring girls out for abortions without their parents' knowledge. These cases involve the medical establishment, school boards, county public health departments, state agencies, elected representatives, and governor's mansions.

And local 'non-profit' hospitals.

Be warned. Be safe.


Anonymous said...

Terry has always referred to them as Group Death. I guess he was right.


Mary E. said...

Yep. Terry is right. They've been big fans of abortion even before it was legalized. Abortion corrupts everything, even the practice of legitimate medicine. That's probably why GH has so many problems.

Jonathan B said...

Here's the link to show Group Health's founding role in bringing the abortion holocaust to Washington State.
In January 1969, Group Health Cooperative Board of Trustees votes unanimously to endorse abortion reform. The Community Affairs Committee has asked the board to support legislation sponsored by Planned Parenthood and others to liberalize the abortion law...