Friday, January 21, 2011

Study: Washington State Most Pro-Abortion State in the Union

Confirming what those of us in Washington State already knew, a new study by Americans United for Life placed Washington dead last in a ranking of states based on protections for human life.

The top state was Oklahoma.

Contributing to Washington's last position was the fact that the state is one of the few that voluntarily pays for abortions at any stage, for any reason out of Medicaid funds, even with the existence of a multi-billion dollar deficit. You can even get taxi rides to abortion clinics from school and back without your parents' knowing, paid for by the taxpayers, and government officials say: "So What?"

Washington is also one of the only states without any legal restrictions or regulations on the abortion industry whatsoever. It's possible that every abortion clinic in the state is run like Kermit Gosnell's abortion mill in Philadelphia: how would we know? The abortion industry is not only allowed to "regulate itself" -- how many industries in Obama's America are allowed to do that? -- but abortion chain operators like Planned Parenthood and Cedar River Clinics actually get together on a regular basis with DSHS officials to map out state health policy!

This ranking was earned without even taking into account the Take Charge program, which funnels millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood's bank account in the form of payments for birth control -- birth control which in many cases PP purchases for pennies on the dollar.

One of the major contributing factors was the fact that Washington is one of the only states with an abortion-on-demand in statute, barely passed by the voters, in the form of Initiative 120, back in 1991.

Our state's repulsive recognition as the most extreme on abortion policy has only been reinforced by this week's introduction in both branches of the state legislature of legislation drafted by the abortion industry itself designed to destroy the network of life-saving crisis pregnancy centers (also known as pregnancy medical clinics).

Alas, the Washington State Democratic Party is a wholly owned subsidiary not just of the abortion lobby, but the abortion industry. A Democratic candidate for office cannot get campaign funds from the party unless NARAL signs off on them.

But while the facts may be bleak, and the situation grim, we at AIW are hopeful for the future. Despite a shortage of leadership, there are still hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians who reject the Culture of Death, and whose hearts stir restlessly, if vaguely, at the daily slaughter in their communities. Even those who blather on about "the right to choose" know in their hearts that every abortion is a difference in degree, not in kind, from the murders Gosnell committed in the City of Brotherly Love on those squirming, helpless babies with scissors, as he slashed their throats.

In the end, all that is needed, even in 'this present darkness' west of the Cascades, is the relentless light of truth. All you need to do to get rats and cockroaches to scamper for the caves and crevaces is to turn on the light.

Shine On.

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