Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen Caves or Komen Fights Back?

We feel for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We really do. But on the other hand, anyone doing business with the Abortion mafia should know by now what they are getting into. Komen willingly partnered with PP so they cannot claim they were forced thru blackmail or threats. Now, however, SGK and the American people are seeing PP's true colors that pro-lifers have been warning the American people about for decades.

We see it whenever funding for contraceptives comes up. "Vote for 'family planning' or the baby gets it." The sick logic being that contraceptives will stop women from getting pregnant with babies they will abort.

We see it in the fight for conscience rights at the state level where they have threatened pharmacists with losing their livelihood if they don't shut-up and let PP and the abortion cartel have their way. UW pharmacy department chief Don Downing jumped on the gravy train when he cozied up to NARAL, PP and Barr Labs and ended up selling his fellow pharmacists and profession down the river.  Even he couldn't put the breaks on their vicious attacks on the state's pharmacists.

We see it at the national level with President Obama, who seems to be driven by some demonic force to shut down Christian charities, hospitals, and schools.

We don't know what Komen's new statement about their relationship means ultimately. Jill Stanek, Thomas Peters, and Eric Scheidler in an email I can't find online have all weighed in with good commentary that AIW can't improve upon. We have no new information or research. Their opinion is that Komen will cease funding PP after their current grant contracts run out in 2012 and 2013 because PP cannot provide mammograms in-house.

Our main points are: 1.) Planned Parenthood NEVER did mammograms. They received pass-through grants, explained here. 2.) Planned Parenthood has all they money they need. 3) If Planned Parenthood cares so much about women's health why aren't they providing referrals to mammogram providers for the good of the woman. PP doesn't have to pay for the mammogram so shouldn't they be providing referrals out to providers? It doesn't cost them anything to do the right thing does it? 4) Nicole Brodeur is still the village idiot when it comes to all things PP.

And lastly, 5) -- it is very, very, very hard to break away from abortion and Planned Parenthood. Hopelink is stuck facilitating abortions thru their transportation and translation services because they can't say 'no' to the money. The culture of death is embedded and despite their good first attempt it is going to continue to be very hard for Komen to follow through on denying future grants to PP.  They will surely come under continued pressure behind the scenes -- Is Komen receiving threats from their pro-abortion donors to yank funds if they don't conform? -- and out in the open -- Will cities refuse to grant them permits for their Race for the Cure? Will local NARAL and PPs harass and boycott the Race for the Cure? Will media outlets refuse to publicize Komen events?  We don't know but Komen has got to be looking at all their relationships and figuring which side has the potential to hurt them the most.

Just when Komen thought they were out, Planned Parenthood pulls them back in.  Welcome to the mob ladies.

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Good article Mary. The video clip is too funny.
Mary L