Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest Continues to Promote VD Among Population

Leave it to CEO Christine Charbonneau and Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest. Really. These people are slaves to money, sex and power and I think enjoy bringing other people down into the gutter with them.
In 2010, 283 cases of syphilis were reported, an 82 percent increase from 2009. Syphilis had been virtually eliminated in King County in the early-1990s.”

"1 in 4 teen girls has an STD, study says".

"Chlamydia becomes widest STD threat".

"Gonorrhea Superbug: First Antibiotic-Resistant STD Strain Discovered."

Don't forget PP's favorite STD, pregnancy: "Number of abortions performed by PPWW  jumped a shocking 16% from 2006 to 2007".

We've got a major public health problem on our hands and PP continues to push a piece of latex and "safe sex"? Why does anyone take these people seriously?

The only "safe sex" there is is monogomous relations betwen a married man and woman for a lifetime. Of course, PP won't tell you that. They'll tell you if it feels good do it and they'll start telling you that in preschool like they did in this handout from Mountlake Terrace Cooperative Preschool. After kids have learned to mastrubate at MTCP they are ready for full-on sex-ed,(and we do mean full-on) condoms, contraceptives and abortion in junior high and high school just like at Ballard High School.

Here's the many ways PP makes money on the whole cycle:
-Sex-ed programs paid for by taxpayers sexualize the kids at an early age. Collect $$$.
-PP abortion/contraception/sex centers sell pre-teens, teens, adults condoms, contraceptives, etc. Collect $$$
-When contraceptives fail, PP sells abortion. Collect $$$
-When teens and adults get VD, which they do, PP sells testing services through their privately owned testing clinic. Collect $$$

Repeat as necessary.

As PP leaders told Abby Johnson, "Non-profit is a tax staus, not a business model." Indeed!

Gimicks like the QR-coded condoms just keep everybody, especially the media, giggling through the broken hearts and ruined health.

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