Monday, February 20, 2012

We don't need to change more hearts & minds, We need to shut down abortion clinics

One of the most irritating things you hear, especially near the Roe v. Wade anniversary, is seemingly well-meaning, but usually inactive pro-lifers, talk about how we need to change "hearts and minds" before we can see an end to the million and a half murdered babies each year in the United States. And usually everyone listening nods approvingly with a serious look on their faces as if they've just heard some deep profundity uttered.

Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

The fact is, if we sit around waiting for some mystical event to change the rest of the hearts and minds, nothing may ever change, and we'll end up with another 50 million murdered babies. At no time in this or any country has a voting majority had a personal relationship with Christ, yet we have had and continue to have support for all sorts of good and decent laws. The premise behind that prescription is historically illiterate.

The reality is we've been changing hearts and minds for decades. Polls show huge progress has been made. A majority of Americans find abortion shameful and believe that unborn children at most stages of pregnancy deserve legal protection. It's time to act on this progress. We don't still have abortion on demand because of support from the people. We have it because of the existence of a relatively few number of abortion clinics that operate freely, and a relatively tiny number of criminals in black robes who go by titles such as "Justice" and "Your Honor" who protect these murderers without any regard for law or democracy.

Addressing the judicial fascism is a separate topic, but suffice it to say that it will take action like that suggested by Newt Gingrich. Criminals must be treated as criminals even, nay especially, if they are judges. It's time to recognize that nobody is above the law. Nobody.

Until the law changes, however, we must work on shutting down abortion mills with what laws do exist.

Contrary to myths promulgated by the political pro-abortion lobby and their friends in the media, most women who get abortions aren't crawling over broken glass to have their baby murdered. Yes, such women do exist, but they are the tiny minority, and there will need to be laws and programs to deal with those hell-bent on murder. But 90-95% of abortions are "crimes of opportunity". Most abortions happen because it's just so easy to get them. And because most abortions are actually coerced by parents, boyfriends, husbands or even pimps, it's because it's so easy for them to bully the mother into the abortion.

Former Planned Parenthood spokesman Brian Cutler admitted to us a few years ago that the rise in abortion rates in Western Washington was probably a result of the easier access because PPWW has opened clinics at such a rate that we now have the highest density of such places outside of New York City. In other words, even without any changes in the criminality of abortion under the law, the number of abortions is highly connected with the supply. Planned Parenthood has used its tremendous wealth to open as many clinics as possible with a single goal in mind: more clinics means more abortions.

Also, with data uncovered by this blog in 2011 from records obtained through a Public Records Request, we showed how abortion rates in central Washington have tragically skyrocketed by PP of Central Washington's concerted push to expand sites and doctors who provide medical abortions (RU-486). Again, easier abortions means more abortions.

The upside for pro-lifers is that this means we can save a huge number of lives before any laws are changed but shutting down abortion clinics. And this is something that is actually more achievable for many rank and file pro-lifers than getting laws changed, especially in this morally backward state.

Now many states have seen abortion clinics shut down in some measure by drying up demand by changing hearts and minds to some degree. But that's more common in states like Mississippi, Idaho, or Wyoming. The fact is, states like New York, California, and Washington are not anywhere near that point right now.

So how do we shut down abortion clinics? By getting them prosecuted for the laws they are breaking. As pro-life hero Phil Kline has noted, pro-lifers are good (sometimes) at getting laws passed, but we are useless at getting existing laws enforced. Rarely have truer words been spoken.

While it may be legal to murder babies by the thousands in the second trimester and get the taxpayers to pay for it, the fact of the matter is that even here in The Abortion State, there are still some laws pertaining to abortion, not to mention Medicaid billing, and chances are that if people are killing babies, they're probably doing all sorts of other immoral things. And since they're used to getting away with murder (literally), they probably are not accustomed to worrying about getting prosecuted for breaking the law.

We need to find out every jot and tittle of the laws that pertain to the abortion industry and find out which ones they are breaking and have them prosecuted. Pro-lifers tend to have this other-worldly pietistic notion that it would somehow be perverse to have a baby-killer prosecuted with, say, tax fraud when they should really be charged with murder. But as any prosecutor will tell you, you charge the dirtbag with whatever crime is going to be easiest to make stick, not worry about some moralistic victory.

Take one example: it is actually possible to perform an illegal abortion in Washington under RCW 9.02.110 and 120, if the baby is viable and not a threat to the woman's life or health. We have consulted the Attorney General's office and there is no known case of of anyone being prosecuted in this state under this statute. We don't believe for a minute that any abortionists in this state could care less about killing a baby "viable" or not. If any county prosecutor cared to investigate, they would almost certainly find violations of this law.

As any 40 Days for Life participant knows, if you set foot on Planned Parenthood's property, they'll call up the police to "investigate". Yet pro-lifers NEVER call the police to investigate violations of the law by the abortion industry. It's time to end this passivist, pietistic, defeatist mentality and act like abortion is the murder it is.

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