Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swedish Hospital Lied about Abortion, Allies with Butchers under Federal Investigation

While some of this news came out recently, we were holding off publishing anything while we gave the parties involved a chance to respond. We wanted to ensure we had the facts straight. But it appears clear now that Swedish Hospital has utterly disgraced itself and put itself under a moral cloud that will take a long time to undo.

In late 2011, Swedish Hospital announced a new partnership with Providence Medical Systems, a large regional Catholic hospital network. Under this arrangement, Providence required Swedish not to be directly involved in killing unborn babies. But Swedish, in a bizarre, contrived, and morally deviant move that could only come from the Seattle region, got suckered  into putting up money to help build a new Planned Parenthood abortion mill so that "abortion access would not be limited" by this move.

Before getting to the details of why Swedish would support a such a radical, controversial, and immoral organization that is under investigation for fraud in numerous states, and found to enable child rape, sexual slavery, forced abortion, and unlimited abortion on demand, it's worth noting another detail of the story that emerged.

Ten years ago, Providence sold their King County hospitals to Swedish, and there was a well publicized condition that Swedish not do abortions at any of these newly acquired facilities. Swedish apparently agreed, admitting that they were "only" doing about 50 abortions a year in hospital settings anyway, so it's not as though there was some sort of huge real issue here.

But in the recent Providence-Swedish agreement, it has come out that Swedish lied to Providence, and betrayed their commitment! They admitted to Providence that they have been doing some small number of abortions at the previous Providence facilities. We contacted Providence spokeswoman, Colleen Wadden, to get Providence's reaction to this betrayal and to ask why they thought an organization that has lied to them before and murders babies would be worthy of their trust again. Ms. Wadden aciduously ignored the past betrayals and blandly assured us that "there are mechanisms in the affiliation to ensure both parties keep their commitments" this time around.

We contacted a Swedish spokesman several times but apparently because of their shameful, indefensible behavior, they are refusing to answer our questions. Their silence speaks volumes.

And then there's the question of how a supposedly mainstream, reputable health care institution could choose to partner with a criminal syndicate like Planned Parenthood which operates far outside any known moral or legal boundaries. Americans United for Life (AUL) provides a good summary of the various criminal investigations and civil actions currently under weigh against this despicable outfit. Read that list and then ask yourself: if Swedish is willing to partner with an organization publicly known for those types of behaviors, how do you think they'll treat you as a patient?

Thirdly, from a financial point of view, as we've reported for years, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington has been having a fabulous decade financially and is sitting on tens of millions of dollars in cash. It's amazing that they suckered Swedish into fronting money to help them build a new clinic that they could afford to build on their own many times over.

Finally, even other local abortionists, like Deb Oyer, have pointed out that the idea that there is enough abortion demand to warrant an additional abortion clinic in downtown Seattle is a joke. PP's main headquarters is just blocks away for one thing.

So finding a rational, moral basis for Swedish's behavior in all this is proving difficult. One of the only explanations that makes any sense is that they are simply afraid of Planned Parenthood, and this move was just an attempt to buy them off. Swedish has chosen to get in bed with the devil. They deserve whatever comes there way as a result. PP not only benefits financially, but more importantly, they get their precious 'air of legitimacy' that really is their lifeblood.

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