Sunday, January 29, 2006

France: Nothin' but a bunch of right-wing anti-choicers

Read these quotes and tell me who you think said them:

"Women don't choose late-term abortions for their own pleasure...It's a psychological trauma."

"At 12 weeks, the embryo has grown, and the abortion looks more like a delivery."

"[W]omen who choose later abortions usually are among the most disadvantaged, including rape victims, teenage girls in denial and uneducated women who hadn't realized they were pregnant."
a) The local director of Project Rachel
b) A pro-life commentator at After Abortion
c) Senator Sam Brownback
d) Former Cardnial Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
e) None of the above

If you guessed e) you'd be right. Turns out Socialist France isn't suffering under any illusions that abortion is a rational and reasoned "choice" made by strong independent women in consultation with their doctor or that an embryo is a "blob of tissue".

France looks like a veritable outpost of "right-wing extremism" compared to our fair state! And these were the Socialists, note.

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