Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Seattle SNMA on 33rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Washington NARAL (the abortion lobby) and supporters of local abortion clinics gathered at the Federal Building in downtown Seattle on Monday the 23rd to "Support Roe. Oppose Alito."
Their plea for more abortion did not go unanswered as you can see in the photo and the report below:

The gathering at the Federal Building by the pro-abortion proponents was smaller than I thought it would be. I expected many hundreds to be gathered, concerned that the new Supreme Court nominee would seriously damage their rights to abort their children. The crowd was about fifty in numbers – maybe sixty, and that included two of the speakers with their handlers – both politicians with about three handlers each.

I wanted to go into the crowd of gatherers with my sign “I regret my abortion” but wiser heads prevailed and I simply stayed on the sidewalk, walking to and fro. I did hold my sign up towards the crowd when one of the politicos spoke. He was so adamant that women have the right to kill their children that I needed him to see that there was another side to the story. When he was finished speaking, I told him that there was another side to the story and he smiled (he has a great smile) and said he knew.

The other politico would not look at me or my sign, although I knew he knew what it said. As he walked by me with his two handlers, I offered a greeting of “good afternoon” which he returned. I knew he was uncomfortable as he would not meet my eyes.
One woman came up to me after the gathering and said that she respected the right for me to feel this way about my abortion but she did not respect the fact that I wanted to overturn Roe v Wade and make abortions illegal. I told her I was not. That left her without an argument so she repeated that she did not like that I wanted to overturn the law of the land. I once again repeated I was not. She walked away.

I gave out two cards with SNMA information on them as well as Project Rachel’s local 800 number. I offered these cards to two different people – one young man who was arguing the case for abortion and to a woman who walked a bit with me – not talking, just walking. I offered it with “If you know anyone who has had an abortion and is struggling with it, these phone numbers will come in handy for them”. Pray God that men and women will be able to come forward and be healed from abortion…

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Christina Dunigan said...

You go! Hugs and prayers, and keep up the good work.