Sunday, January 22, 2006

McGavick on Abortion

This was recently emailed to me about Republican Senate candidate Mike McGavick:

I called Mike McGavick's campaign office today to ask for his position regarding abortion. A woman spokesman basically said that his view on abortion is a "complicated answer" and he has "no definitive answer" at this time. I told her I knew he was starting a statewide tour and should have an answer by now.

I recommended that he re-read the 2004 Washington State Republican Party Platform that has a very 'definitive', 'uncomplicated' statement regarding abortion. It is stated under FAMILY. "We support the protection of innocent human life born or pre-born through natural death." Also, I stated that Catholics also have a very definitive, concise definition that human life begins at conception, life is sacred and abortion is not allowed. I recommended that he abide by these 2 stands if he calls himself a Republican and Catholic. I also stated that I will not promote a Republican who does not stand up for the unborn and that abortion will become the greatest civil rights issue in this century, in my opinion. I pray that Mike stands up for the most innocent of our citizens, the unborn.

The following Seattle Times article states the following about McGavick's stand on
abortion. "Like Dino Rossi, McGavick is Roman Catholic and opposes abortion; McGavick says he favors some restrictions, such as parental notification and a ban on late-term abortions, but not a federal ban because "it would not work." Practically, it would not; and politically, it would not.

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