Friday, January 13, 2006

"There Are Bigger Pieces of Tofu to Fry"

That's just one of the lighter comments from someone named "lead from your heart and mind" trying to talk some sense into the folks organizing a "Stand for Reproductive Justice" celebration and counter-picket opposing the second annual “Walk for Life - West Coast" march in San Francisco. They are planning to disrupt and if possible "stopping the fascist parade at Justin Hermann Plaza, where it starts..."

It gets more threatening and kind of ridiculous--
This is the last time these thugs will promote fascism on the streets of San Francisco. This is not some kind of carnival and we will not be shoved onto a pier. This is our City and we will not let the Catholic Church, sponsors of this fascist parade, or anyone else promote the murder of women and fascism on the streets of San Francisco.

Like I've said before, the Catholic Church never tried to get me to take pills or insert sharp metal objects into my body in an effort to stifle my fertility.

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