Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Road Not Taken

"...the scandal-scarred senator begged Bilodeau to have an abortion, but she refused."

If this is true it may shed some light on Ted Kennedy's almost maniacal support for abortion. It would also seem to confirm the claim that many women are pressured into abortion. Some of them comply. Some of them don't. I suppose it may be easier to fend off pressure when the father in question has financial resources, a political career, and other assets to protect thus giving the woman has a few cards of her own to play.

We were told abortion would "even the playing field" and improve relations between men and women. When a relationship turns to coercion and perhaps blackmail I think we can all agree that abortion hasn't...uhm...delivered.

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Anonymous said...

Abortion only helps men behave badly.

BTW, I just learned that Ted Kennedy used to be pro-life. Read the new Judie Brown column that I have linked to at Life of the Party.