Saturday, April 01, 2006

Karen Cooper Call Your Office

Where are all the "pro-choice" Washington representatives co-sponsoring the anti-CPC bill The Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act (SDAWS)?

Where's Jim McDermott? Adam Smith?

As Christine at Real Choice points out, why is it all men, except for Lois and Carolyn, co-sponsoring this bill?

Don't forget to vote for your favorite re-naming of this bill at the Real Choice blog.

My vote: The Better Killed by Prochoicers than Annoyed by Prolifer Act

Or how about The All Babies Overboard Rather Than Initiate Options Needed Act (ABORTION) of 2006?

Speaking of false advertising, check out this abortion center that advertises under "pregnancy counseling." Gee, I wonder how many adoption referals they do?

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Christina Dunigan said...

Remember to remind people of the true dangerous false advertising to vulnerable pregnant women that Rep. Bologna is perfectly okay with.

It's okay to kill the woman; just don't show her fetus pictures!