Friday, April 28, 2006

Pushing Plan B

Here is some interesting information I just came across thanks to Christina at RealChoice: The Alan Gutmacher Institute just came out with this report on state rankings for access to contraception.
Washington ranked 4th for "laws and policy." The only thing bringing our state down was a "refusal clause" (or more accurately what I call a "must fill" clause for contraceptives). And whaddya know? --This is exactly what the Washington Board of Pharmacy is working at the behest of Planned Parenthood to implement.
Overall our state ranked 11th to "Help women avoid unintended pregnancy."
A high abortion rate did not seem to affect a state's standing at all. California with the highest abortion rate is ranked #1 in "Helping women avoid unintended pregnancy." Go figure.
You'll also note that the state is broken down into congressional districts showing the "need for services."
I haven't had time to dig into this document and analyze it too much but who wants to bet that this is Exhibit A in "proving" that women are underserved in our state when it comes to access to contraception and Plan B must be mandated as a stocked drug in every pharmacy?


Christina Dunigan said...

They give you high points for theory, low points for results.

Thank God they're not engineers! Would you want these people designing airplanes or bridges?

Though, now that I think about it, with the deaths from chalymidia, AIDS, cervical cancer, and complications of contraception/abortion, they may well kill fewer people if we had them building bridges instead of setting public policy....

Mary E. said...

Good point. And the link between the devestation and the perpetrators is more direct. The way they have it now is to blame all the AIDS etc. on the people who told them not to "build that bridge" in the first place.