Monday, April 17, 2006

Round-Up of Good Friday Prayer Vigils

I've received reports from several of the Good Friday prayer vigils that happened around the state. If you attended a prayer vigil and would like to send in a report for posting on AIW, please email it to me.

(Added other vigil -- April 21)
Everett, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
The Planned Parenthood in Everett was covered with prayer and sidewalk counselors from the Helpers. They passed out several rosaries and brochures. 6 or so people were there praying.

(Added other vigil -- April 20)
Bremerton, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
Our Lady Star of the Sea prayed the Rosary on Holy Thursday and then we went to Planned Parenthood and Father Freitag lead the "Rite of the dead". There are several of us praying the Divine Mercy Novena that began on Good Friday.

(Added other vigils -- April 18)
Seattle, Washington -- Aradia Women's Center
At Aradia Womens center on Spring and Summit there was prayer vigils from
8:00 AM until 11:00 AM. 5 people (Helpers of God's Precious Infants)
covered times at this mill.

Lynwood, Washington -- Planned Parenthod
Also, at Planned Parenthood in Lynnwood, Wa. the Helpers covered times
from 9:30 AM until 11:30 PM. There were 2 shifts of 3 people each for a
total of 6 people.

Spokane, Washington -- Planned Parenthood
About the Pro-Life prayer groups on Good Friday, I would say there was around 12 to 15 people around 4-5pm. Just right before they were closing. I was in church services earlier that day but I was told by the Protestants groups that they started when PP opened around 7am. A very nice Christian woman, said there had been a pretty good stream of pro-lifers throughout the day praying and holding Pro-Life signs. She also said there was positive feedback from cars honking their horns in support. A friend at church invited me and my two boys. We then drove to the Planned Parenthood Clinic waited for the Gonzaga students who attend regularly around 4:30 each Friday afternoon. We prayed the rosary and during the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery the police drove up. They first went into the clinic and then came out to talk with the two young men that were closer to the clinic on the sidewalk. They spoke with them for awhile. We could not hear. We continued praying the rosary and after we finished the rosary we all left in prayerful silence. We had been instructed by the leader to do the same in order to give honor to Our Lord and His Passion.

Seattle, Washington (White Center/South Seattle) -- Plannned Parenthood
Well it was a peaceful vigil in West Seattle with about 25-30 people in attendance. As often seems the case, it was raining. Tears from heaven? There were no incidents and only a few women entered the clinic, but one couple also went in and hadn't come out yet before we left so I assume they were there for an abortion. So sad. We were there quite early (just at the time they were opening, so there wasn't too much traffic in and out of the clinic yet). We weren't close enough to interact with any of them before they went in, but they couldn't help but see us all there with signs like "Abortion Kills Children" in both English and Spanish. I've attached a couple of pictures from Fr. Bloom's website.

Mercer Island, Washington -- Abortion center of Dr. Flake
We also had a vigil at Dr. Flake's clinic on Mercer Island after the Stations of the Cross at St. Monica's Friday afternoon. There were 12 of us in attendance. I'm not sure the office was open - the doctor's car was not there, but we prayed anyway. There was no traffic in or out of the office. As always, as few people who drove by gave us a honk and a thumbs up. We display a big sign with a smiling baby and the word "Life" - and there were a couple of people (most always they're men) who honked and then gave a different type of gesture. It always really gets me how they can see the picture of that beautiful baby and express any kind of negative sentiment!


Anonymous said...

"people (most always they're men) who honked and then gave a different type of gesture. It always really gets me how they can see the picture of that beautiful baby and express any kind of negative sentiment!"

Ah - but you are threatening their way of immorality. If the woman with whom they become a parent with does not have an abortion, then the man is "stuck" with having to support the child until the child is 18 years old - or beyond. Or worse still, his wife might find out that he has another child and that would blow his marriage apart.

Sad that some men are no longer the protector, the head of the family, but rather wish to do away with children....blessings

Mary E. said...

Did you see the big man with the cigar that walked through our last SNMA event and yelled out something? He seemed very angry about people talking bad about abortion.

Anonymous said...

I never talk bad about abortion!!! HA! No, I don't recall the man you are referencing.

What I do find is that most people who yell out at those who are trying to get the truth across, i.e. abortions actually kill a human being, are too cowardly to come to me and talk with me.

Cowards - cowards and more cowards...yell an obscenity and then duck away as quickly as you can.

Yep - that sounds about right for baby killers...