Thursday, April 20, 2006

Please Pray for Washington State

If you find this incredible or just more than you want to believe, I’m fine with that. However, Washington State is more than merely a ‘blue state’, a pro-abortion state, a ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ state. It is a state that needs a lot of prayer. In my political associations, I have discovered reasons for real sadness. Some of my own family once associated with a future governor when the future politician owned a brothel in the state’s third largest city. One Seattle tour thinks it is ‘cute’ that at one time over 600 women were enslaved in prostitution in underground Seattle (there once was an actual underground city below a renovated downtown, created out of ‘legal’ graft).

So pray, please, for Washington. I cannot tell you the number of people who talk with me each month, ready to give up standing against the corruption and a culture of death. Some have given up any hope, and I have known some over the years who have ‘shipwrecked their faith’ over despair. I know others who will scarcely associate with me because I will not join them in believing the only hope is that Seattle be destroyed by some natural phenomena, seen as a judgment from God.

It is one of the most truly beautiful places in the world. Some charities here get a lot of money from generous people, though it could be easily surmised that it’s because those people from the most unchurched area of the country have that extra money to give to something other than a church.

There is a battle here. Pray.

God bless you…

Jim Anderson

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