Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your Friendly Neighborhood EC Certified Provider

In terms of what abortion does to the mother, the problems with Plan B and its distribution scheme are the exact same problems many people have pointed out about abortion:

Harm to a woman's health. Lack of informed consent. Lack of alternatives. Coercion by others. Bias in favor of abortion by those with financial interest in the decision. Lack of involvement by those who care the most about the women, i.e. parents. Lack of compassion on the part of abortion providers. Unnecessary treatment. (According to several sources, one finds that only about 6% of women might have been pregnant depending on when they had intercourse. One might ask whose interests are best served when women are convinced that they must purchase a product that 92-94% of them do not actually need.)

Take a look at three real life scenarios that, except for #1, I personally experienced in the past two months.
1. A friend at work in a worried and panicked state asked to borrow money so that she could buy a MAP her doctor prescribed. After I explained to her how MAPs work as abortifacients, because the embryo can't implant in the uterus, she declined to purchase the drug. She said that she went to her boyfriend and explained to him what I had said and since they were both against abortion they didn't want to take it. [Lack of informed consent. Lack of alternatives. Bias.]

2. A friend with a teenage son told me two of his female friends from high school were asking him to go with them to find and purchase Plan B. [Lack of parental involvement]

3. My sister told me the neighbor across the street from her was forced to take Plan B by her husband because he didn’t want any more kids. [Coercion]

See what I mean?

Then there is this sad story from a pharmacist who doesn't believe in conscience clauses. He's happy to prescribe Plan B to anyone for any reason, including reasons that appeal to him and his world view. Too bad for this woman, but when you're busy making omlets some eggs have got to break.

The happy couple comes in; him, a square jawed, buzz-cut, military type. Her, a hoochie mamma, a ho, no other way to put it. I feared syphilis just by getting too close. I have no idea why she was pretending to even wear a skirt, as I'm sure it would have been more convenient to just forgo the last square inch of cloth below her waist and just go bottomless. But hey, I'm not here to judge, and if I can stop this pair's DNA from replicating, then I'm more than happy to do so. So I start the process and it becomes apparent within a few seconds that she's more than a wee bit intoxicated. I still may be a little tipsy from smelling her breath as she filled out the paperwork. I look at her profile and there is about every mental health med known to man. Sedatives, antidepressants, antiphychotics, a Christian Scientist's worse nightmare. The picture's coming into focus now.

This may not have been legally an assault, but it was almost certainly a taking advantage of someone whose judgment isn't clear type situation.

Ya think?

There's some chit-chat between the pharmacist and the boyfriend/client. The pharmacist extols the benefits of Plan B's non-prescription availability, takes a swipe at the Bush administration for not buying into Planned Parenthood's latest pump priming for abortion services, and goes completely nuts when the boyfriend/client makes this statement:

"Well if you think about it that's a good thing because you wouldn't want people going around having unprotected sex"

Sounds like customers of EC have figured it out even if the pharmacists haven't -- Who needs plan A when you have Plan B?
"At least he was good enough to pick up the tab."

Of course he is. The drug is for him.

The one and only comment doesn't give us much hope for the future.

OMG!!! Loved this post. Future Pharmacist here and you are so right and so funny. I look forward to reading your blog more!

We can look forward to more pharmacists who share the drugnazi's enthusiasm for handing out drugs to drunk women who've possibly been raped and haven't been told what this drug does by people who don't really care.


Christina Dunigan said...

Wow! Good stuff! This goes in the blog roundup for today.

Kevin T. Keith said...

You did mention to your friend that there's no scientific proof that Plan B does, in fact, interfere with implantation, right? Or that it cannot do so unless the egg has already been fertilized, which it will not be if she takes it soon enough? Wouldn't want her to forego informed consent, after all.

As for the other scenarios, you're right, the best result would certainly be to make sure that two worried teenage girls had no means to avoid pregnancy, that your neighbor couple had an unplanned child born to an ambivalent mother and a hostile father, and that the intoxicated woman was not merely raped but pregnant as well. Because nothing makes your problems better like adding a forced pregnancy on top of them, and saddling an unwilling parent with a child they don't want and possibly can't care for.

Mary E. said...

Hi Kevin:
Right. And if you can't prove 100% that there's no one in the building you might as well blow it up.
Can you please provide citations to scientific journals or scientific proof supporting the 'moral' conculsions you make in your second paragraph?