Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anti-abortion Display and Pro-abortion Violence Hit WWU. Students Confused

Western junior David Zhang was charged with first degree malicious mischief Wednesday. University Police officer Chris Davis said Zhang damaged anti-abortion posters in Red Square Tuesday.

Zhang was in court Wednesday for his first court appearance. Zhang said the court set his arraignment for May 12, and he plans to plead not guilty.

There's more on Life News.com

I guess some people didn't like the photos of the aborted fetuses, to the point of denying that the fetuses are even alive.
Western junior Julia Rink is a member of Voices For Planned Parenthood, a student group that promotes sexual awareness and reproductive health rights on campus. She said the Genocide Awareness Project’s name is inaccurate.

There’s still a debate over if the fetus is living or not,” Rink said. “You can’t say it’s genocide if it’s not living. It’s only a comparison if you consider a fetus to be alive.”

Sign this girl up for biology 101. (Ms. Rink's "superiors" at Planned Parenthood later distanced themselves from Ms. Rink after informing her that she does not speak for Planned Parenthood and is not allowed to "interview for any kind of press release.")

The editorial in the Western's student newspaper, using the terms "anti-abortion" and "pro-choice" complained about the display's "polarizing" effect and lamented that "lost in the shouting was a reasoned, logical debate."

It's hard to have a reasoned, logical debate when one side is called "anti-abortion" and the other side is called "a student group that promotes reproductive health rights" or "pro-choice" for short. It's even harder when students are unable to determine when someone is dead or alive.


Anonymous said...

Just think - these students will have a COLLEGE DEGREE and will still dumb as rocks!

Ashamed to say that my alma mater is WWU. I think we knew that a baby was alive while in its mother's womb...I think we did, but hey, it was the seventies - I may have been hallucinating!

Anonymous said...

As a student at WWU I read the article regarding the Genocide Awareness Project when it was published and there were several issues with this article, including the unconventional methods the author used to get students to interview for it. The author obtained students' home and cell phone numbers as well as personal email addresses in order to contact specific people, such as members of the Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) members, for the interview. The WWU paper which published the article was also aware that its writers were not to conduct themselves in this manner and that they were not supposed to contact certain organizations, such as VOX.

Also, I thought it would be appropriate to add that the author was accused of misquoting both Ms. Rink and the other individual from VOX that was interviewed and quoted for the article. They both claimed that they were told the article would be about their thoughts on the Genocide Awareness Project and its goals, but not on the issue of abortion. From what I know, I believe that the statements attributed to Ms. Rink here are grossly inaccurate and taken out of their proper context.