Monday, May 01, 2006

More Violence Against Pro-lifers

This time it's in Vancouver, BC not far from the Washington-Canada border.

On April 7th, a peaceful pro-lifer in Vancouver, BC was assaulted while protesting outside and abortion center there. At the link above you can view a video of the attack.

The month of April also saw a pro-abortion professor at Northern Kentucky University destroy a pro-life display on campus there. The attack took place on or around April 14th and was videotaped by students.

HT: Christina at RealChoice

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Anonymous said...

Attacking a pro-life person is an interesting phenomena...the pro-abortionist demands HIS/HER RIGHT to why should they stop at just killing little ones...why not kill those who are standing up for the little ones.

Strange that this did not make headline news! Biased media...nah...