Thursday, May 18, 2006

Marcy Bloom Flees to South America

...Well, not exactly but the fact that she has such an affinity for South American reminded me of some other folks who found refuge there at the end of World War II after they uhm...retired.

Just last year she carried a suitcase of abortion implements with her on a vacation to Mexico to give to a women's clinic there.

Still, many others have come to see Bloom as the face of a place that has provided about 70,000 abortions over the past 30 years.

Bloom says she may write a book. Or work with clinics in Latin America.

On the other hand it could be her extreme bigotry, ignorance and hatred of the Catholic Church that drives her to help abortionists in South America.

MB: A woman was having an abortion recently and she was holding a rosary, and she told us that the anti-choice people had given her the rosary. But she kept it because she found the rosary comforting, which was interesting. They gave it to her for a different reason, and to her it was comforting because she believed in a free, giving, and loving god.

It was fascinating to see that she took what for them was a symbol of punishment and she made it her own. That's the way it should be. Spin it in the loving-God way, because that is what God and religion are supposed to be about, though they have gotten seriously distorted over the last few thousand years.
Pray for the conversion of Marcy Bloom and the deliverance of Latin American from our country's abortion export business.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we must pray for Marcy Bloom and other like minded people. I am amazed that she thinks the Rosary is a "symbol of punishment" To Marcy, perhaps, the Corpus was a reminder of what she was doing to this poor, defenseless woman...pray God that Marcy repents!

What I also find interesting, is that we are told that people who are pro-"choice" are not pro-abortion, and yet they call pro-lifers, 'anti-choice'. They bristle at being told that they are pro-abortion - yet they like to know that abortion is available to women.

Geesh -

Prayers for Marcy...

Kurt said...

Distorted over the last "few" thousand years??

Either Marcy believes that monotheism is an unfortunate distraction from paganism (possible), or she's just not very bright. For, how could one see Jesus coming to reveal the true nature of the God of Abraham as a "distortion" from love to punishment? That's certainly not how the people of the time saw it!

This article was a sad event for our troubled area.