Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tacoma Stands Up for Life Needs Your Help

I received a letter from Bud Niebergall a few weeks ago with news about TSUFL’s ministry working with women and girls going into the abortion mills in the Tacoma, Washington area. Please consider making a financial donation of any size to this wonder group of people who come out, rain or shine, the preach the Gospel and offer hope to the women and girls of Washington state who feel abortion is their only choice.

Right now they are raising funds to pay for the gravestone for two twins who died in-utero after Bud convinced the mother not to proceed with a scheduled abortion. (See portion of Bud’s letter below.) TSUFL continued to show this woman love and compassion even after, and especially after, the death of her two children. Pro-lifers do care about everyone, born and pre-born, because every life is precious and a gift from God. Your prayers are also greatly appreciated.

Their address is:
914 Alameda Ave.
Fircrest, WA 98466

Remember that while many government resources are available to help a woman facing crisis pregnancy, the official policy of Washington state is to treat birth and abortion as equally valid and acceptable choices. The state of Washington and its employees do not necessarily encourage women to carry their children to term or discourage them from seeking abortions. I spoke personally with one woman who hadn’t even considered abortion until a state employee suggested it to her. The state sees abortion as the "cheaper" alternative and depending on the circumstances the state may gladly recommend abortion and/or refer out for it. This attitude was most recently and blatantly on display when proponants of the Morning-After-Pill on-demand stated before the Board of Pharmacy and the media that pushing this drug into the hands of women had saved the state millions of dollars. So it is truly the simple and humble folks at TSUFL, Helpers of God Precious Infants and unknown others who are the workers in the vinyard of the Lord--on the front lines saving lives and letting women know the truth and offering alternatives to abortion.

Below is the excerpt from Bud's letter:

Hello everyone;

Good News! Karen is working as an independent courier, and making enough money to support her three children. It took nearly three years to get to this point, but the Lord has blessed her richly. With your help, hard work, and a persevering spirit, she has been able to turn her life completely around. We recently managed to help her purchase a low mileage Kia Rio automobile. She can drive her route everyday without worry about breakdown. Thank you so much for sticking with her. I wish I had the time and space to tell you all the details of her journey. A wonderful success story of what can happen when loving people open their hearts to help those less fortunate! Thank you, thank you. Our God is a Miracle Worker, if you don’t believe it, ask Karen.

Some very wonderful and very sad news:
Recently, we were able to persuade a mother named “Kathy” to let her babies live. We offered her the usual love, friendship and financial help if necessary. She was four months pregnant with twins and going into the mill to begin the abortion procedure. She agreed to let us help her. She said that she would carry the babies to birth and then adopt them out to a deserving couple. We were really elated!! That was the good news. The sad news is that she miscarried 3 weeks later. Both children were born dead. She named the boy Alpha and the girl Omega. It was a difficult time for all of us, but we went ahead, with “Kathy’s” okay, and held an informal burial service for Alpha and Omega at Gethsemane Cemetery. It was truly a beautiful experience. We laid the precious children to rest with love for their mother, scripture, prayer and song.

I tell you all these things, so that you will see our need, and be willing to continue your financial support. Thank you for your past prayers and generosity. Please send what you can. One thing we need to do soon is to buy a grave marker for the babies. God gave us the opportunity to make a strong statement. God gives life, life is sanctified and precious. Unborn children are human persons loved by God. Thank you for helping us.

Bud Neibergall et. al.
Tacoma Stands Up For Life

p.s. More good news: After a year of prayer, sharing the Gospel and loving conversation, we saw a very aggressive pro-death registered nurse from the clinic, come to us and tell us that she has quit the abortion business, returned to church, and has a new job!! She came to thank all of us for our prayers and the love we gave her. God is very present and very good. Agree?


Christina Dunigan said...

It's especially great news that the nurse quit. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!