Friday, May 19, 2006

Sabina of Araida

Sound Politics also posted a story this week about the retirment of Marcy Bloom. Matt Rosenberg the author of the post is disturbed that some people still find abortion normal. (I'm confused about why he says "still" find abortion normal. Did anyone ever find abortion normal?) Anyway, if he wants a mind bend he should try surfing the Washington State Department of Health web site to read how they talk about abortion. He'll find all kinds of abnormal thinking about how normal abortion is. If he really wants to set get disturbed I recommend reading the RCWs regarding abortion.

Matt also relates the story of overhearing a conversation between two young men as he passed them in the 300 block of W. North Ave. "My girlfriend has had like FOUR abortions...." (followed by admiring, slightly incredulous laugh).

In the comments, "Sabina" who works for the Aradia Women's Clinic in downtown Seattle, attempts to "clarify a few points." It's a mish-mash, but for some reason she thinks readers are uninformed about the women who are having abortions.

please, this is not hard to understand, so please please please listen and now you'll know: women who have abortions are the SAME women who have babies!!!!!!!!
61% of women who have abortions are ALREADY mothers. The vast majority of young women who have abortions because they feel ill-equipped to nurture and care for a child for the next eighteen years of their lives are the SAME women who go on
to have children - yes, even 2, 3 or 4 children. Can you believe it?!

Yes, Sabina we can believe it because we know these women. Some of them are part of the pro-life movement. Some of them are not. Either way they've told us about the pressures to abort. The threats from boy friends and husband and parents. The general lack of support. The abortion center workers who find a woman's weak point ("I just don't feel ready to be a mother/have another child.") and play off of that rather than offering helpful alternatives.

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Anonymous said...

Sabina needs to talk to women who have been left infertile by their "normal" abortion/s. She lives in la-la land, apparently, where killing your first born is as simple as getting your first pedicure.

Sorry, Sabina - women who have abortions have not the SAME women who have babies AFTER you and your ilk have rendered them infertile.