Monday, October 09, 2006

Proabortion Campaign Goes on Offense Against Women, Post Abortion Groups

A story in the LA Times interviews a young womyn named Emma Tupper from Seattle who is helping to fight the South Dakota abortion ban.

Is this the same Emma Tupper?

This must be the week for going after the post-abortion movement. Here's two more scare-quotes -- "post-abortive support groups" and "side effects". What I'd give to see "reproductive health" and "pro-choice" in quotes in the Seattle Times and PI. Then there's the general dismissal of the reality of post-abortion trauma and a good dose of misinformation/laziness. Readers of this blog know that the American Psychological Assn. stated earlier this year that their support for abortion is not based on the evidence but rather ideology, or what they call "civil rights."

The concept that women are exploited by abortion has been nurtured by the many "post-abortive support groups" around the nation. Unruh runs one such group in Sioux Falls; the women gather to mourn and to help one another through "side effects" as varied as substance abuse, anorexia and detached parenting.

Abortion-rights supporters respond with exasperation. The American Psychological Assn. has found that abortion carries few long-term emotional risks. And clinic doctors routinely turn away women who are uncertain or seem to have been coerced.

Routeinely? Routinely?! Then how come I hear so many testimonies from women who cried going in and coming out of their abortion? If that doesn't qualify for "uncertain" then I don't know what does. Any other business would kick them out of the store at the very least. The better stores would try and comfort the poor woman and most importantly remove her from the sales floor. They certainly wouldn't try and force her into a purchase. How about the woman who actaully ran out of a Washington state clinic only to have the clinic worker and her boyfriend run after her and bring her back in? What could possibly justify doing the abortion that day? Do the words "come back tomorrow" every enter their vocabulary.

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Christina Dunigan said...

How they can say such things with a straight face boggles the mind. It's as if they were saying, "Tobacco companies make no effort to glamorize smoking."

Mary E. said...

They've certainly mastered the art of deadpan.